Historical Sew Fortnightly… delay

If you have followed my posts on the Historical Sew Fortnightly (Monthly) challenges, you might notice that I haven’t posted anything for October – Sewing Secrets yet.  And… I won’t be any time soon either. Likewise, I don’t anticipate meeting the deadline for the November – Silver Screen challenge either. I have a really good reason…. which I’ll share by the end of November or early December I hope.

Viking Age desserts

If you follow Happy Sushi Belly, you’ve already seen this, but I thought I’d cross-post.

For a pot-luck I made two desserts out of the Viking Cookbook (found online). You can see the recipe and photos on Happy Sushi Belly: https://happysushibelly.wordpress.com/2015/08/31/viking-dessert/

Artisan Village at Avacal Sergeant Trials

A&S display at Avacal Sergeant Trials

A&S display at Avacal Sergeant Trials

August 14-16 was SCA Sergeantry Trials, and as part of it, one of the organizers was hosting an Artisan’s Village. I opted in (along with a number of others) and the original plan was to have  a bunch of pavilions/sunshades etc with tables all together where all of the artisans could hang out, do demos, chat with people, and show off what we did.

I haven’t been to one before, so I kind of thought about it a lot, and made lots of plans- figuring out how to bring my pavilion, making a gear loft to hang a lantern from, getting big bins to carry my things so they could double as tables, making a banner-kind of thing so I could hang stuff from my pavilion, rigging up a collapsible shelving unit thing that could hang from the pavilion, and making a banner to “advertise” my part in the village.

A&S display at Avacal Sergeant Trials - focus on my Finnish Coils Work In Progress

A&S display at Avacal Sergeant Trials – focus on my Finnish Coils Work In Progress

Then on the ride up.. it started to rain. And rain, and rain. Saturday it rained, and Sunday it rained too… (Plus it was cold!) When we got there we were told that the ‘village’ was moved inside, and it ended up only being a few of us, tucked into a separate room from the main activity. (The main activity needed quiet from time to time, which was totally understandable.)

It kind of shook me really… I had something so ‘organized’ in my head, and then felt shaken up when it all kind of went sideways.

In the end, it was set up, and I spent some time there, some time volunteering at gate, and some time visiting with other people. I think I like the IDEA behind the ‘village’ (with a few more people than participated) so hopefully it will happen again, at an event I’m able to attend, with better weather!

A&S display at Avacal Sergeant Trials, with my device banner on the end

A&S display at Avacal Sergeant Trials, with my device banner on the end

Before I went, I wanted to check out what I might expect – I looked up Artisan’s Village events from a few other areas, including:

  • A&S display at Avacal Sergeant Trials - focus on my naalbinding

    A&S display at Avacal Sergeant Trials – focus on my naalbinding

  • The Artisan’s Village in East Kingdom
  • Which included some challenges in the Shire of Hartshorn Dale

The large brown rectangle in the display of naalbinding – that’s another work-in-progress… hopefully I’ll finish it soon to be able to share with you!

I’ll also have a post soon about my device banner!

SCA devices

My proposed Device

My proposed device

When I figured I’d need a name for an SCA persona (in progress) I joined the heraldry Facebook group. While I’d gone there for help with a name…. I ended up seeing all of the beautiful devices, and after some time, decided I’d really like one too perhaps…

(Despite the fact that the Viking Age is pre-heraldry…)

Article about heraldry for Viking personas http://www.cs.vassar.edu/~capriest/display.html 

talks about images and colours http://vikinganswerlady.com/vikheraldry.shtml 

What do I LIKE?

Colours (or rather, tinctures)

Gold/Yellow – Or
Silver/White – Argent
Red – Gules
Blue – Azure
Green – Vert
Purple – Purpure
Black – Sable


I mostly like silver, blue, and black. Red would also be ok.  The sources suggest that single-colour identification and bi-colour identification is more common in Viking Age artwork (shields, sails, etcc) with a preference in bi-colour for red and white.  (Source: http://vikinganswerlady.com/vikheraldry.shtml )

There is an unofficial RGB guide to the colours through the FB heraldry group.

This is another image-heavy page.. so I suggest not going further on a mobile device! (It’s also more for me to organize my thoughts and ideas than much of anything else…) I’ve also hotlinked a bunch of stuff (with links to the originals) just to keep things clean for ME in my image library until I pick something for sure…

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