SCA devices

My proposed Device

My proposed device

When I figured I’d need a name for an SCA persona (in progress) I joined the heraldry Facebook group. While I’d gone there for help with a name…. I ended up seeing all of the beautiful devices, and after some time, decided I’d really like one too perhaps…

(Despite the fact that the Viking Age is pre-heraldry…)

Article about heraldry for Viking personas 

talks about images and colours 

What do I LIKE?

Colours (or rather, tinctures)

Gold/Yellow – Or
Silver/White – Argent
Red – Gules
Blue – Azure
Green – Vert
Purple – Purpure
Black – Sable


I mostly like silver, blue, and black. Red would also be ok.  The sources suggest that single-colour identification and bi-colour identification is more common in Viking Age artwork (shields, sails, etcc) with a preference in bi-colour for red and white.  (Source: )

There is an unofficial RGB guide to the colours through the FB heraldry group.

This is another image-heavy page.. so I suggest not going further on a mobile device! (It’s also more for me to organize my thoughts and ideas than much of anything else…) I’ve also hotlinked a bunch of stuff (with links to the originals) just to keep things clean for ME in my image library until I pick something for sure…

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Housekeeping – a new menu

I started out really keen on Steampunk fashion, crafts, & accessories.....

I started out really keen on Steampunk fashion, crafts, & accessories…..

When I first started my dress diary, I was super-excited about Steampunk fashion, (and I still think it’s awesome!) but I’ve noticed in the past while that my focus has been shifting to more historically-accurate or historically-inspired costumes, followed by fantasy costumes, and other creative goodness.

With that in mind, I’ve decided to re-organize the menu structure of my diary to make it a little more aligned with my current focus.

So.. now I have:

  • Fantasy costumes (costumes that have no, or very little basis in historical accuracy)
  • Historical costumes (costumes that are at least inspired by actual historical fashion, if not a reasonable attempt given my level of skill, time, and resources)
  • Viking costumes (because I’m still super-interested in that, and think there’s enough there for it’s own category!
  • and Accessories (where you’ll find millinery and jewellery like before).

The Steampunk section has completely moved into the Fantasy section, though you’ll still find a fair amount of cross over – for instance when I was blogging about my Enchantment Under The Sea costume – I used authentic cutting layouts from 1950s fashion… so they’re sorted out that way.

I think I'm mostly writing about Viking Age right now though!

I think I’m mostly writing about Viking Age right now though!

There are still a few topics that don’t have their own real category yet, like general crafting, painting, or beauty-blog stuff, but I’m ok with that for the time being since they’re much less frequent posts for me. I also know that some of the categories are empty right now… posts are coming in those areas – and I wanted to work on the menu all at once instead of trying to remember after the fact!

What do you think?

How do you like the new layout of the menu? Do you think it will make the blog easier to navigate? Let me know in the comments below!

Come join me on Facebook!

Come join me on Facebook!

Come join me on Facebook!

About a month ago, I asked my readers if you’d like to get my posts via Facebook – well a while back I finally set up a page, and I’d like to welcome you all to follow me there! If you want to see my posts in your Facebook feed instead of coming to WordPress or using a blog reader – then please click “like” to follow my blog, and then add my page to one of your relevant interest lists.

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