Are you interested in having me review your product? I’d love to check out your crafty shop or product, and share your awesomeness with others!

If you have:

• A craft, sewing, knitting, beading, millinery or fashion book or other publication
• A great new tool for crafters
• An awesome craft kit
• A great online craft store (or bricks-and-mortar store in the Southern Alberta or Edmonton area)
• A great online class (or in-person class near me)
• Etc….

Consider sponsoring a review!

Please note:

Bloggers are powerful only when we are honest. Our readers come to trust our opinions, and only by being honest can they trust our GOOD reviews. There’s a reason that you want to be featured by bloggers!
Regardless of compensation, I’ll only give honest, unbiased reviews of your restaurant, shop, or product. A message will appear at the bottom of any solicited review indicating what, if any, compensation has been provided for the review. (Free product, etc.)

Disclaimer: I was given the product to review in exchange for featuring this product in my blog. Any opinions or statements given above come only from me, and were not influenced in any way by the sponsor.
Disclaimer: My experience was provided free-of-charge in exchange for an unbiased review. Any opinions or statements given above come only from me, and were not influenced in any way by the sponsor.

General disclaimer for Dawn’s Dress Diary

Unless otherwise noted, all blog posts are the opinions and statements only of their author, and are for informational and review purposes only. None of the content within this blog is intended to malign, offend, or cause harm to any individual, group, or organization. Information within is provided as-is, and are accurate to the best of our knowledge only at the time of writing. Blogs represent a constantly-evolving medium and information is subject to change. This blog and it’s authors are not responsible for comments made, however we reserve the right to remove comments that may be considered offensive.
The copyright on content on this blog including photographs are retained by their creator. When external graphics have been used, please click the link to be redirected to the original source.
No content from this blog (including photographs and graphics) may be reproduced without the expressed consent of the author/creator. Reblogging, linking, Pinning, and other methods of sharing are permitted (and encouraged!).
I’m a crafty sort, and if you are too, you’ll know that following any directions or suggestions is done entirely at your own risk – I’m not a licensed craftisan!

2 comments on “Recommendations

  1. Leah Allen says:

    Hello Dawn,
    Ran across your site here and am so interested in what you do. I have no formal training as a costumer, but want to associate with similar minds (None in my area!). Why is there not a bio about you on here? Where did you get training? Thanks so much, LOVE your work and ideas. Leah in Panama City FL

    • Dawn says:

      Hi there Leah,
      Nice to meet you! I haven’t put up a bio yet… somewhat because I wasn’t sure what to write, and somewhat because I didn’t think any of my readers would really care that much..

      To answer your question though – I did a 2-year diploma in Fashion Design with a focus in Surface Design and Textiles through the University of the Fraser Valley. Then I also have a communications degree, and a Public Relations certificate from Mount Royal University, and have taken photography classes through Alberta College of Art & Design. I’ve also taken a basic and advanced Millinery course through Chinook College.

      When I write my bio – what do you think I should include? What were you looking for that you didn’t see?

      (Love your Sea Witch painting btw!

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