Laurel’s New Works at SnowEaters

Photos of the Laurel's New Works display

Photos of the Laurel’s New Works display

I was really happy to organize the Laurel’s New Works display at Festival of the Snow Eaters in late October just north of Lethbridge. I had hoped that it would be a really great opportunity for the people of the Incipient Shire of Windwyrm to meet some of the kingdom’s Laurels, see their work, ask them questions, and learn more about their process. I know that often enough, people in the shire find it difficult to get to as many events as those of us in the baronies, and thus have less of a chance to meet the Peers.

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Heraldry & scribal display at Samhain

In addition to the Apprentice’s tournament at Samhain 2016, there will also be an additional A&S display:

Heraldry & Scribal display at Samhain

Everyone is encouraged and welcome to come display their heraldry & scribal work!

Time: Morning, November 5. From doors opening until 12:00 noon
Location: Upper hall, with the Apprentice’s Tournament (we will be using the same space, one side of the room will be for the tournament, and the other will be used for the display.)
Space: Table space will be provided.  No banner-stands (etc) are available, however if you have free-standing banner stands, feel free to bring them. No damaging tacks, tape, etc are permitted on the walls.

Direct link from Pinterest

Direct link from Pinterest

Possible items to display:

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