On-point Jelly Roll

It seems like ages ago that I first wrote about the half-sized batik jelly rolls that I picked up… it was actually back in December 2011, and although I started the top back then, I only finished not too long ago.

up close - on-point jelly roll quilt

up close – on-point jelly roll quilt

Where it all started

In my various fabric-store wanderings, I kept being attracted to Jelly Rolls – the rolls of narrow strips of fabric pre-made by fabric mills/fabric designers especially for quilters.  I know that at this point, Jelly Rolls are a bit out-of-date, but I’m also late to the quilting party, so bare with me! As much as I liked them, I didn’t love the price point – most of them were in the $40-50 range, which seemed expensive to me (considering I’d also want to pick up coordinating fabrics, etc…) so I held of picking one up for a long time.

Then, when out at a department store, I found much more affordable rolls – only $15 for a variety of batiks including medium blue, bright blue, green, orange, purple, and pink along with a few fabrics with multiple colours dominating the design.  It wasn’t until I got one of them home that I realized that they were only half-sized rolls, so I went back to pick up a second.  (Plus, I wasn’t interested in using all of those colours together in one quilt).

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