Black and red kumihimo

Black and red kumihimo

Black and red kumihimo cord – a 6-strand cord with 2 strands of red and 4 black

It’s been a while since I made kumihimo cord, but I needed something pretty and meaningful for a gift, so I pulled out my disk, and did a six-strand cord with two strands of red and four black.

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Viking embellishment – whipcord / 4-strand braid

My first strand of whipcord

My first strand of whipcord

For one of the projects I’m working on,wanted to make whipcord for the trim. I hadn’t ever made whipcord before, nor did I know how to make it… so I figured this would be  a good time to gather some resources – first to see if whipcord is even ‘period’, and next to learn how to make it! Continue reading