Egyptian faience necklace

Selfie wearing a hand-made necklace of hand-made Egyptian Faience beads

Selfie wearing Egyptian Faience necklace

Although I haven’t even started pleating the fabric for my linen Egyptian dress (based off the synthetic ‘practice’ one I did in 2017) I still wanted to make a more period-appropriate necklace to go with this outfit. Originally I wanted to blend the Faience beads I recently got back from a friend’s kiln with some lapis lazuli beads I bought locally, as as explored on New Egyptian necklace research, but ended up not liking the combination together, likely because of the shape/size of beads and the texture difference. (As discussed in Lapis Lazuli necklace.) Continue reading

Egyptian Faience – the results

Turquoise Faience beads and pendants

Turquoise Faience beads and pendants

About a year ago, I helped organize a class taught by Alysa from Fuzzy Lizard Studios on Egyptian Faience. In today’s post I’ll show off some of the results…

After nearly a year of sitting around... the turquoise Egyptian Faience beads were completely white

After nearly a year of sitting around… the turquoise beads were completely white

It took a while to get to this point. In the class I made a number of beads and other ornaments, with the plan to get together with other classmates in a few weeks later to have them fired at a local kiln that Alysa had researched for us. I also bought two additional packages of clay-powder to make more beads, but didn’t get right around to making it up into anything. Continue reading