Celebration – hairpiece

Complete "celebration" Italian outfit including the padded roll hat, teal figured velvet overdress, and green silk underdress with sleeves

Complete “celebration” Italian outfit including the padded roll hat, teal figured velvet overdress, and green silk underdress with sleeves

You may have noticed from my posts about the “Celebration” Italian outfit, that I also had a hairpiece – since my own hair is not down past my waist!

For this I looked at my inspiration image, as well as a bunch of other images – many of which show a LONG ponytail, in sort of a ‘casing’, with a bit of adornment (ribbon, pearls, etc).

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Tubular crin

Photo from Sigil on I Kick Shins. Click for original image

A while back a friend was looking for coloured tubular crin (aka tubular horsehair, cyberlox, etc) and although I’ve found black and white through the supplier I use for corsetry goodies, but finding the coloured stuff eluded me.

One person recommended ordering through Cypherlox (30ft bags of regular 3/4 inch crin for $13.99, plus tax & shipping) and another recommended I Kick Shins (15 ft bags of 3/4″ diameter for $7.00 per bag plus tax, shipping). There are loads of colours available, plus stripes, metallics, etc…  Those prices are all US$ though I’m sure… so it’s not Canadian dollars, but still pretty close.

Unfortunately, locally there was nothing to be seen.

Buuuut… the other day I was at Skyline and they had a decent selection of metallic tubular crin in the 8mm size.  I have the sneaking suspicion that they might just have brought it in for the holidays (because they were sort of sitting on the ends of ribbon racks rather than having a rack of their own) which might mean that it might not be there for good… but could also mean that shortly after the holidays it might go on sale? They had:

  • Silver (metallic)
  • Gold (a warm, coppery gold)  (metallic)
  • Yellow (or a bright gold) (metallic)
  • Peacock blue (metallic)
  • Royal purple (metallic)
  • Soft pink (metallic)
  • Dark pink (metallic)
  • … perhaps another colour or two that I overlooked

They were 17.99$ (plus tax) for 30 yards (three sets of 10 yards each) per package in the 8mm size.

The wide and narrow tubular crin packages

Then I was at Michael’s craft store and found the larger size in three colours.  They are calling it “tube ribbon” and it’s with the holiday ribbon and gift-wrapping stuff.  It doesn’t seem to be the same quality though – there are a lot of stray metallic threads on the one I picked up. 😦  It was 13.99$ (plus tax) for a 5 yard package.  (Wow expensive in comparison!) This is the 2cm wide tubular crin, and they had it in:

  • Silver (metallic)
  • Dull gold (metallic)
  • Red (metallic)

I’m betting it will go on sale after the holidays, and they’ve been having some really good pre-holiday sales too -plus you can always use your 40% off coupon.  Still, when I Kick Shins is selling it for less than 50 cents/foot (before taxes and shipping, in US$), more than 2$/foot (before taxes) seems pretty expensive!

As an aside, they also had matching sinamay and fabric ribbon bows, so there could be some interesting gifts being wrapped up.  I picked up some red sinamay while I was there though… in anticipation of the advanced millinery class in the spring!

So, if you’re looking for tubular crin locally here in Calgary – take a look at those two places!