Millinery pattern drafting class

Different parts of the hat are flared to different amounts

At the SCA event Yule in the barony of Borealis (mundanely Edmonton) I’ve offered to teach a class on pattern drafting for millinery (hats).

The event takes place December 9-10, 2017. The Facebook event for more information is here.

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Fascinator class in April 2014

Red and black spiderweb lace fascinator

Red and black spiderweb lace fascinator

I’ve had a lot of traffic to this blog from people who have visited my posts about the Millinery (hat-making) classes that I took in the past.

For those of you who want ‘just a taste’ of hat-making, I thought I’d share this class coming in April 2014 where you can make your own fascinators over two evenings.

Fascinators – An Introduction
2 Classes – Fee: $149
“Explore the art of millinery by making trendy fascinators to wear for spring. Make two fascinators from scratch with sinamay and buckram, decorated with feathers and flowers. Whether you are an amateur or costume designer, this course is a fun and creative night out.”
Instructor: Carol Van Ee Branner

April 15 & 17
6:30 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.

Viscount Bennett Centre
2519 Richmond Road S.W.
Calgary, Alberta

Visit: for more information and to register.

Note – I have taken a class with this instructor before, but I am not associated with her or Chinook Learning Services in any other way.

To inspire you – scroll through the gallery of fascinators I’ve shown off over the past few years in my blog below!

Inspiration Gallery

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Millinery: Spiderweb fascinator

You might remember the red tricorn mini-hat I made a while back.  This fascinator uses the same red silk and black spiderweb lace (actually some of the scraps left over from that hat!) but is distinctly different (and was a LOT faster to make!).

This fascinator started with just a simple circle of buckram, sliced to make a gentle cone. I trimmed the buckram with wire with hand stitches (like many of the other hand-made hats I’ve made recently.  Check the Millinery tag for a few more photos and instructions.) and then covered the outside with red silk, and the inside with grey wool felt (yardage this time, not part of a felt hood). Both the silk and wool were seamed to get the shape of the gentle cone.

Red and black spiderweb lace fascinator

Red and black spiderweb lace fascinator

From there I covered the red silk with the black spiderweb lace. Since lace has a slight stretch, I didn’t need to seam it to get the shape. From there I bound the edge with black grosgrain ribbon.

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Millinery: 3/4 Sinamay

In the advanced millinery class that I took a while ago I started on an approximately 3/4 scale sinamay hat/fascinator. Like all of the other projects that I started in the class, I didn’t finish the hat in the class, but instead took them home to finish.

Well… a number of my projects sat around in their half-finished state for a while.  I guess that I just wasn’t inspired for a while, but I finally got around to this hat!

3/4 sinamay fascinator with silk trim

3/4 sinamay fascinator with silk trim

3/4 scale

Back when I was making the mini tricorn hats during the first class I considered instead of tiny little mini-hats, to do 3/4 size hats instead. Unfortunately the instructor didn’t have any blocks that were fully 3/4 size, so I used a block slightly larger than 3/4. I thought that this scale would make for a neat facinator – and I love the way the tricorn hats turned out.

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