CoBloWriMo – Aug 26 – Media and “stone age bread”

"Nordic" nut and seed loaf - read more on Happy Sushi Belly

“Nordic” nut and seed loaf – read more on Happy Sushi Belly

Today’s CoBloWriMo blog prompt topic is “media” – and instead of sharing thoughts on mass media and how it relates to my costuming, I thought I’d switch things up a little.

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Will this work for Feast Gear?

Starting off with some feast gear

Starting off with some feast gear

Not too long ago I found myself in a slightly embarrassing situation – I attended a SCA feast, and as the event invite didn’t include a list of things to bring (apart from things needed for optional classes) I didn’t bring any feast gear! I had figured that since it was being held in a hall, that the hall would have all that kind of thing for us to use – oops!
(Yes, I’ve rented halls before, and when the halls didn’t have tablewear for us to use, we rented what we would need through our caterer, but often enough they DID have what I needed…)

So that meant in time for another upcoming feast night.. I needed to find some feast gear!
(Not to worry, there were two nice women who loaned me some of their spares for the evening, and one even let me take part of a set home with me – now that I have some of my own I returned it for the next time she’s in such a situation!) Continue reading