CoBloWriMo – Aug 26 – Media and “stone age bread”

"Nordic" nut and seed loaf - read more on Happy Sushi Belly

“Nordic” nut and seed loaf – read more on Happy Sushi Belly

Today’s CoBloWriMo blog prompt topic is “media” – and instead of sharing thoughts on mass media and how it relates to my costuming, I thought I’d switch things up a little.

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Samhain in Montengarde (Calgary)

Samhain 2015 naalbinding display

Samhain 2015 naalbinding display

If you’re in Calgary, and are interested in the SCA, please come on out to Samhain on November 5, 2016!

I’m assisting to host this event (autocrat) along with two other lovely ladies, and hope that a lot of people can join us!

The Facebook event is here:

and you can get even more information (and perhaps easier than scrolling through the wall) on our website here:

For this event, I will also be hosting an Apprentices Tournament and a Heraldry & Scribal display in my role as the A&S champion of Montengarde. There will also be a TUA class the following day.