Millinery: Green felt

Completed green felt hat

Completed green felt hat

Although I took the Millinery Class a while ago, I didn’t finish everything off right away… recently I finished a few of the projects that had been left to linger, and wanted to share them here.

Green felt

The second felt I worked on in the 7th Millinery class was a green felt.  This has a much deeper ‘pile’ than the other felts, and although the colour isn’t something I’d normally wear, it just feels so nice that I really wanted to work with it.  Unfortunately the only thing I could really think of to make with it was a cloche, and after the disastrous cloche attempt with the black straw hood, I wasn’t too keen on repeating the adventure since I was quickly running out of class time.

So, instead I settled on a shaped crown with a tipper, very much like a fedora.

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