Heraldry & scribal display at Samhain

In addition to the Apprentice’s tournament at Samhain 2016, there will also be an additional A&S display:

Heraldry & Scribal display at Samhain

Everyone is encouraged and welcome to come display their heraldry & scribal work!

Time: Morning, November 5. From doors opening until 12:00 noon
Location: Upper hall, with the Apprentice’s Tournament (we will be using the same space, one side of the room will be for the tournament, and the other will be used for the display.)
Space: Table space will be provided.  No banner-stands (etc) are available, however if you have free-standing banner stands, feel free to bring them. No damaging tacks, tape, etc are permitted on the walls.

Direct link from Pinterest

Direct link from Pinterest

Possible items to display:

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Painted heraldic banner

A&S display at Avacal Sergeant Trials, with my device banner on the end

A&S display at Avacal Sergeant Trials, with my device banner on the end

As I mentioned in my previous post, I made a banner with my device (which has yet to be approved…) for the Artisan’s Village at Sargeant Trials. I have a super-quick post today to show off the making-of.

First attempt – silk

Transferring the pattern to grey cotton canvas

Transferring the pattern to grey cotton canvas

I started off with the intention of making a silk banner – I had expected to have the “village” outside, and thought a pretty fluttering banner would be lovely. I used silk salvaged from a used blouse. This is the same silk blouse I re-used for my earlier Jorvik-style silk hood earlier this summer.

The design was enlarged on a photocopier and paper was taped together to make a large version. I transferred  the design using chalk transfer paper and a rotary transfer tool. It worked pretty well, and I hoped to cover all of the chalk lines with my gutta.


Painting gold gutta on white silk

Painting gold gutta on white silk

For my resist, I used gold gutta from a tube… I had thought I had black gutta at home, but I didn’t. After this point I actually went out to the art supply store and bought some black, but I figured I’d stick with the gold….

I used an embroidery hoop – having to move it a few times because my design was larger than the hoop.


Testing the gutta with plain water - lots of leaking :(

Testing the gutta with plain water – lots of leaking 😦

Once I had my design fully resisted – I tested the lines using plain water and my brush – but there was spreading on ALL of my gutta lines! None of them were going to hold back the dye! I wasn’t sure what was wrong – but thought perhaps there was fabric softener or something on my fabric, so I figured I’d gently wash it in the sink……….

Big mistake. I guess I needed to press the gutta first, because as soon as I washed it – all the gutta started to peel off!

So, I abandoned the silk banner project for the time being (I might try a silk meant for painting; hopefully that will work better too!) and decided to go for acrylic paints instead of silk painting.

Painted banner

Beginning to paint the grey canvas with acrylic paint mixed with fabric medium

Beginning to paint the grey canvas with acrylic paint mixed with fabric medium

I transferred the design the same way to some grey cotton canvas, and mixed regular acrylic paints with textile medium, and painted it on the canvas.

I didn’t totally love the look – it seemed a bit ‘soft’ without the gutta resist, so I took the black ‘puff paint’ similar to the stuff we used when we did the silk painting class at Coronation, and went over the lines.

I also made a soft linoleum block of the ermine design for the “counter-ermine” print in the black area.

I cut the device out with pinking shears to hopefully resist ravelling, and strung the banner up on a rectangular wooden “dowel” kind of thing, with eye hooks on either end to string up. Initially I thought it would hang outside my pavilion, but instead it hung off the end of my table. I realized with that – that it’s a bit small… but I think I’ll wait until the College of Heralds passes my device before printing up another, larger (and perhaps silk) version.

A&S display at Avacal Sergeant Trials, with my device banner on the end

A&S display at Avacal Sergeant Trials, with my device banner on the end

The finished banner on display at the Sergeant Trials in August to the left. The large banner hanging behind my display is the banner for the Emerald Rose – part of the regalia I have on loan as the current Arts & Sciences Champion for Montengarde.

SCA devices

My proposed Device

My proposed device

When I figured I’d need a name for an SCA persona (in progress) I joined the heraldry Facebook group. While I’d gone there for help with a name…. I ended up seeing all of the beautiful devices, and after some time, decided I’d really like one too perhaps…

(Despite the fact that the Viking Age is pre-heraldry…)

Article about heraldry for Viking personas http://www.cs.vassar.edu/~capriest/display.html 

talks about images and colours http://vikinganswerlady.com/vikheraldry.shtml 

What do I LIKE?

Colours (or rather, tinctures)

Gold/Yellow – Or
Silver/White – Argent
Red – Gules
Blue – Azure
Green – Vert
Purple – Purpure
Black – Sable


I mostly like silver, blue, and black. Red would also be ok.  The sources suggest that single-colour identification and bi-colour identification is more common in Viking Age artwork (shields, sails, etcc) with a preference in bi-colour for red and white.  (Source: http://vikinganswerlady.com/vikheraldry.shtml )

There is an unofficial RGB guide to the colours through the FB heraldry group.

This is another image-heavy page.. so I suggest not going further on a mobile device! (It’s also more for me to organize my thoughts and ideas than much of anything else…) I’ve also hotlinked a bunch of stuff (with links to the originals) just to keep things clean for ME in my image library until I pick something for sure…

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Viking Age name and persona development

After making my post about Viking Age names in Iceland from a museum exhibit, I started thinking about names for a persona while I play in the SCA. I started collecting a few ideas on that page, but then it all became very long and off-topic from the original post, so I’ve moved that information over here now…

I’m going to consider most of this a work-in-progress, as I’m sure to change things as I learn more.

Persona background:


  • Icelandic-born
  • Parents originally from Norway, who came to “Ísland” from Norway prior to 930 – when the ‘settlement age’ for Iceland ended, but after the intentional settlement by
    Ingólfur Arnarson & his wife Hallveig circa 870.
    (Source: “The age of settlement is considered to have ended in the year 930 with the establishment of Alþingi, when almost all land in the country had been claimed by settlers.” – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Settlement_of_Iceland & http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ing%C3%B3lfr_Arnarson

    • (Starting point of parents coming to Iceland in 910, making the current year about 950)
  • Parents would have arrived on knörr,  a Viking cargo ship which would have held livestock, grains, tools, and other materials needed for intentional settlement. The voyage from Norway to Iceland would have taken one to two weeks by sea. (Source: http://www.hurstwic.org/history/articles/society/text/settlement_of_iceland.htm)

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