2019 Historical Sew Monthly challenges

hand-sewing the folded grey wool exterior to the pink linen interior of the collapsible truncated hennin hat.

collapsible truncated hennin hat.

The challenges for the 2019 Historical Sew Monthly have been announced! I am excited to read about it but… also feel rather unsure about my participation, since in 2018 I didn’t get to many of the challenges at all. I made lots of things in 2018… (like the collapsible and packable truncated hennin to the left)  just not a lot that worked with the challenges at the timeframe of the challenges…

Still, each year I do a post with what I’m thinking of and what I’d like to do… so this year is no different. Perhaps it will help inspire me!  Continue reading

Grey and black open front apron dress- HSM Feb 2018

My black and grey apron dress worn with a new apron panel and my green under dress.

My black and grey apron dress worn with a new apron panel and my green under dress. Photo ©Mysticus Photography

I made an open front apron dress a while ago (in 2015), and discussed some of my skepticism with the whole open-front apron dress + apron panel combination that I see a LOT of with SCA Viking-Age reenactors online and elsewhere.

Colour palette for my Viking Age costume wardrobe

Current Viking Age Palette

Still, despite my skepticism on the ‘evidence’ for this style so far, I can’t deny the pretty… I got some grey and black wool-blend fabric from my former teacher, and wanted to make something Viking-inspired from it. It also just happens to work perfectly into my Viking Capsule Collection plans.

It would have made a wonderful coat, but I just finished making a new wool-blend coat and didn’t really need another (my black and red one is now one of three wool Viking coats in my Norse Reenactment wardrobe…) With a coat off the table, I thought an apron dress would work, and specifically an open-front apron dress ( hangerock).  I feel a lot more comfortable using wool blends for these speculative garments; saving my 100% wool fabrics for more documentable designs.

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Historical Sew Monthly 2017 in review

With the announcement of the 2018 challenges, and my completion of the December 2017 challenge, I thought it was time to do a little 2017 challenge review for the Historical Sew Monthly challenges.

January: Firsts & Lasts

German Renaissance style costume hat

My German Renaissance Split-Brim hat with grey ostrich feathers worn with my black velveteen Gollar and my Cranach gown costume.

Create either the first item in a new ensemble, or one last piece to put the final fillip on an outfit.

For this challenge I created a German Renaissance Gollar . (click for the full post)

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Horned Hennin (version 2)

My second attempt at a Horned Hennin. This hat is made of dark red cotton velvet and embellished with faux pearls and metal billaments.

Horned Hennin hat version 2 in dark red cotton velvet with faux pearl and metal embellishment

A while ago I made my first horned (or heart-shaped) hennin. Recently, a friend commented about wanting to make one of her own, but as we were discussing styles, I realized that she wanted a different style than what I had in mind.

I was tickled with the idea of trying a different method (and being able to help her do the same) so decided to look a little more at this style, to try to make a new horned hennin of my own.

My friend wanted to make a “Christine de Pizan double horned hat”, which led me to images like this:

Christine de Pizan book illumination

Christine de Pizan book illumination

and this: Continue reading

2018 Historical Sew Monthly Challenges

Historical Sew Monthly 2018 logo. Click to visit the Dreamstress site.

I started thinking about the 2018 Historical Sew Monthly challenges in early November when a friend of mine started a Stitch and Bitch group, with the hopes of having monthly garment-making challenges. The organizer hopes we’ll create documentation for a garment in one month, and then create the garment in the next month… with the goal of having 6 projects done and ready for an A&S competition by the end of the year.

I was up for the challenge… but honestly know that I can’t duplicate my efforts, so I wanted to tag-team this group with the Historical Sew Monthly challenges as well!

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