Third inspired-by-Midgaard hood

Photo credit ©Mysticus Photography - Me in my steel grey wool hood, along with other elements of my Viking Age Norse costume. These include my red and black coat, my plaid apron dress (hangerock), my green wool dress (serk) and my hand-spun naalbound wool mittens.

Photo credit ©Mysticus Photography – Me in my steel grey wool hood, along with other elements of my Viking Age Norse costume.

Steel charcoal grey wool hood

Once I had the black and grey wool-blend hood finished, I liked the results so much that I went to my stash of other fabrics from the Grandmother’s Fabric Sale and found another piece of wool, also with less than two meters. This fabric is a charcoal grey with a slight steel blue tinge to it. In sewing it I found it very spongy – it did not want to hold a press at all. (It is a tabby weave, not a crepe weave though.) You can see in the photo below my pattern – and the number of adjustments that were made before I got something I really liked.

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Second inspired-by-Midgaard hood

Grey and black wool-blend hood

Sewing a second Midgaarb-inspired hooded capelet in black and grey wool-blend.

Sewing a second Midgaarb-inspired hood

Although I really liked the plaid hood I blogged about the other day, I thought that it was a bit short, and thought that it would be nicer with a longer, fuller capelet. I had some black-and-grey wool-blend fabric with an interesting square weave left over from another project, and so opted to cut out a second hood from this leftover, with a much longer capelet.

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Inspired by Midgaarb

Plaid hood inspired by Midgaarb's hooded capelets

Plaid hood inspired by Midgaarb’s hooded capelets

Lately I’ve been loving the Instagram feed from a costumer from the Pacific Northwest – Midgaarb. She shows off a lot of Viking-inspired costumes, along with beautiful evocative photos of the beauty of the PNW. When I came across a piece of wool-blend plaid in my stash from the April 2017 Grandmother’s Fabric Sale, I immediately thought of Midgaarb’s hooded capelets, and crossed my fingers that the yardage (less than 2 meters) would be enough.

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Historical Sew Monthly: Protection

Set of five Jorvik hoods for largess

Set of five Jorvik hoods for largess

The March 2016 Historical Sew Monthly challenge is:

 Protection – make something to protect yourself (from weather or injury) or your clothes (from soiling etc.)

I missed the February challenge because I really just didn’t have the time, not to mention I only had a rough idea of what I wanted to make. Unfortunately I’m not feeling especially historically-inspired this month either. Most of what I’m sewing right now is mundane clothing which I’ve been neglecting for several months while working towards SCA costumes and projects.

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