June 2016 free fabrics

In early June my former teacher gave me yet another box of fabrics from her stash (she’s given me a few boxes before too….as she tries to de-clutter her own craft and sewing area). This time while I left some fabrics behind (my mum took some, and others I’ll give away, I opted to keep the following:

2.1 meters of burgundy-red fabric.
Interesting weave, most likely cotton.

2.3 meters of brown single-faced Melton,
wool-synthetic blend

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Wool Norse coat

Wearing my second Norse-style coat (along with a hat and outfit I'll blog about later!)

Wearing my second Norse-style coat (along with a hat and outfit I’ll blog about later!)

A while back I made a coat/caftan for my Norse costume out of basketweave linen. It was very large, and although it’s wearable, I really wanted to make one out of wool instead, and more fitted.


Fabric 'haul' from the Grandmother's Fabric Sale 2014

Fabric ‘haul’ from the Grandmother’s Fabric Sale 2014

I bought some wool at the last Grandmother’s Fabric Sale (seen on the very bottom of the pile to the left) with the intention of using it for a Norse caftan or coat. It is a pale grey with a dark grey and royal blue Houndstooth plaid. The fabric feels wonderful, but a little burn test suggests that it probably has a small synthetic percentage, which I don’t love, but don’t mind.

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