October 2015 ipsy glam bag

On October 7th I logged in to see what my October glam bag goodies would look like. I was expecting the brush I didn’t get last month, but also:

  • theBalm Cosmetics-Meet Matt(e) Hughes Long-Lasting Liquid Lipstick (in “committed” a ‘pinky-nude’)
  • IT Cosmetics-Hello Lashes® Clinically Proven 5-in-1 Mascara
  • Peter Lamas-Exfoliating Pumpkin Facial Scrub
  • Eva NYC-Therapy Session Hair Mask

Looking at some of the other things this month – I think I’d like either of the two darker nail polish colours… but other than that, there isn’t anything else on the list that really jumps out at me. I do wonder… haven’t I already received the pumpkin scrub before? Or was it a mask?

Once I finally received my Glam Bag….

For some odd reason, my bag didn’t come until Oct 22 – it’s usually here around the 15-17th. Not sure why it was late again, but oh well.

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September ipsy Glam Bag 2015

My September Glam Bag

My September Glam Bag

My September Glam Bag arrived on time, but as usual, I’ve been rather late to blog about it. It took a while to try out some of the goodies… to be able to give you the low-down on what I received.


City Color Cosmetics-City Chic Lipstick

Eh. Rather underwhelmed with this – I don’t wear lipstick normally (I usually go for glosses or balms instead) so I likely won’t use this much before it’s ready to toss out. The colour is ok – pretty neutral which is fine. I don’t really have anything bad to say about this (apart from finding the see-through bottom of the container kind of weird), but also don’t really have anything good to say about it.



LANEIGE-Water Sleeping Mask

I felt kind of neutral about this when I first got it – it’s really just a moisturiser as far as I can tell – but it seems to be an ok moisturiser (not deeply moisturising though) doesn’t have an offensive scent, and doesn’t seem to irritate my eyes or skin. The name is pretentious though, which is a bit of a turn-off. I wouldn’t buy it, but I’ll use up the little pot of product for sure.



Formula X-Nail Color in Ignite

This is possibly my LEAST favourite item in my glam bag- I LOVE the tiny nail polish, but the polish itself is terrible – it chipped on the second day I wore it, all three times I put on fresh coats. I even like the colour, but the formula is just not worth it. Even on my toes it chipped after a few days, and I can usually go over a week without needing to touch up my toenail colour.



NYX Cosmetics-ipsy Eye Shadow Trio

This is probably my favourite item out of this glam bag – I’ve used it frequently since I got it, and it’s going to be great for travel too. The colours are dark enough and intense enough to be worthwhile, (well the middle and dark shades are, the lightest one is a bit too light for anything more than highlighting) and the colours themselves are good on my skin tone. I like this brand, and have bought their shadows before, so I was happy to get this one in my glam bag.



Not Soap, Radio- Revitalizing Hand/Body Lotion

The lotion is another kind of underwhelming product. It smells ok, but not great. The moisturiser is fine, but not great. It’s not oily or greasy which is good, but it also doesn’t seem to be very moisturising…



I also redeemed Luxie Beauty Tapered Blending Eye Brush 205 for 500 points. Sept 2. and it should have arrived with my September glam bag… but it didn’t. It wasn’t until late September that I got an email saying it would be arriving in my October bag instead… 😦


Want to help me get MORE points for more freebies? Use this URL when you sign up for ipsy: https://www.ipsy.com/new?refer=1ledf  and I’ll get 250 points towards cool stuff. (It will take a while though – eyeliner is 1000 points!)

August 2015 ipsy glam bag

August 2015 Ipsy Glam Bag

August 2015 Ipsy Glam Bag

Once again this month I took a sneak peek at what I was expecting in my glam bag, and while some of my friends were disappointed with what they were expecting, I saw more in my sneak peek that I was interested in getting than things I was disinterested in, so I was happy!

The case is .. ok. It’s a vinyl black and white case with hot pink lining and zipper.

Marc Anthony
Nourishing Argan Oil of Morocco Oil Treatment

“This treatment is a lightweight oil used daily for strong, glossy, frizz-free hair. Whether your hair is curly, straight, thick or thin, this Argan Oil Treatment will become a daily staple in your beauty regimen.
Created with Mediterranean Olive Oil and Moroccan Argan Oil – the ancestral beauty secret of Morocco – it deeply penetrates to fortify, protect and condition hair. Vitamin E and Shea Butter hydrate and soften.”

I was sort of “eh” about this one. I’ve tried a few Moroccan oil hair products, and they’re ok – but I really like my K-Pak now instead, and plan on sticking with it. I even bought one for my travel bag (despite the non-travel-friendly size) but I figured that this would be ok – and perhaps in the small 0.7 fluid ounce size, I could at least use it in my weekender instead of taking the bigger one.

The conclusion?

I actually really liked this – the scent is pleasant without being overwhelming, the product is really viscus, so only a few drops are needed, and the product goes on smoothly because of it. I don’t know if I’d buy this (we’ll see how it works long-term, and availability compared to my K-Pak) but I will continue to use it, rather than tossing it into the “feh” basket. 10/10

La Fresh Group
Good Night. Night Cream

“This highly natural La Fresh® Eco-Beauty® Good Night. Night Cream provides super hydration and restores your skin making it visibly smoother and plumper. It will also rescue your skin from fine wrinkles on the forehead and crow’s feet around your eyes. Say bye-bye to damaging elements that age your skin and say hello to recovered, recharged, and youthful!”
This was another “eh” for me – I don’t really use night cream, and I really LIKE the facial moisturizer I have. Still, if it’s not too stinky, or irritating to my skin, it looked like a re-sealable small package, which might be ok to toss in my purse for a few days.

The conclusion?

This wasn’t at all thick like most night creams – in fact, I wouldn’t call it a night cream at all. It seems like a pleasant, light moisturizer, with no detectable scent. I actually really like the re-sealable package – it’s small and lightweight, but also re-sealable (but likely not re-fillable without a syringe) which means it will probably find a place in my purse or travel bag until it’s used up. 9/10 – a good product, but not in my idea, a night cream.

Hikari Cosmetics
Lip Gloss

“Check out Hikari’s collection of gorgeous, high-shine matte lip glosses. With these high-pigment lip glosses you can wear them alone or layer them over your favorite lipstick to create intense new colors. They will give you the perfect sultry lip with just the right amount of shine!
ipsters who sample Hikari Cosmetics will either receive the shade Salsa (classic red) or Merlot (intense red mauve).”
The screen looked like I was going to get the Merlot colour, which I was ok with – as long as it was an “intense” colour and not a wimpy nothing-there colour like the July glam bag’s lip gloss… I do like lip gloss too, so I was excited to get this one.

The conclusion?

I received the “Salsa” colour intead of the Merlot, which I was kind of happy with, and kind of unhappy about. I LIKE ‘classic’ true reds, but in the tube this was more of a super hot-pink with a fluorescent orange undertone. Or something.. It just didn’t feel like a “red”… It also smells really icky – BUT… it feels good on, and doesn’t seem quite as garish on as I feared it would be from the tube. It seems very highly pigmented; it didn’t take long to get good coverage, though with it’s boldness, it’s a ‘use a mirror’ lipgloss, not a ‘swipe it on’ lipgloss. It’s pretty glossy too 🙂 The downside to that glossiness – it transfers VERY easily. After blotting twice, the lipgloss was pretty much entirely gone. Between the smell and the transfer-ability, I’ll give it a 4/10.

‘Pencil Me In’ Cosmetics
Natural Eyeliner Pencil in Boysenberry

“Pencil Me In natural eyeliner pencils go on silky smooth and will last all day. The natural formula is infused with vitamins and anti-oxidants so the skin is actually receiving a benefit. There are 30 fun colors to choose from; plus each pencil comes with a built-in sharpener in the cap.”
This is another that I was excited to get. Admittedly I prefer pencils not made with wood (I find that the wood sucks the moisture out of the pencil too quickly, causing the colour stick inside to crack and break too easily and become unusable after a while; I just don’t use up my pencils quickly enough to use them up before they dry out.) but the colour looked great – something dark but a little bit fun, and I love the attached sharpener.

The conclusion?

Well, as anticipated from the wooden pencil – the ‘lead’ in this pencil broke the first time I tried to use it. Glad for the sharpener or I wouldn’t have been able to test it at all! The colour is NOT ‘Boysenberry’ – instead its a medium grey with a vaguely purple undertone – but so vague that it might just have been the suggestion of purple from the colour of the pencil outer paint and the name itself. I tested it, powered over top to set it, and it seemed like an attractive colour. I checked it after lunch, and it was still going strong, abeit with a bit of transfer. (Which might be less if I had used shadow as well.)  8/10 – because while it’s a nice colour, it’s not ‘as-advertised’ and the breakage is annoying.

Skone Cosmetics
Luxe Doubler Eye/Lip Pencil in Wine

“This smooth, creamy pencil is an eyeliner that doubles as a lip pencil. It’s multi-purpose design allows you to create a pop of color to line the eyes, fill in the lids, or add color to your wings. Or use it as a lip pencil to easily shape, line or fill in the lip.”
Ok.. first off, I’m not going to use the same product on my lips as my eyes.. that sounds unhygienic (unless I sharpen and clean it between each use) but still I was excited to get this one too – I’d have to see the colour to know if it would be better for eyes or lips for me (I don’t really wear wine-coloured lipstick/gloss, but I do wear wine-toned eyeshadow..).

The conclusion?

I tried this out as eye and lip colour, as suggested by the name… but it is NOT ‘wine’ either. It’s more like a light fuchsia on my eyes (not particularly wearable for my colour choices) an a darker fuchsia on the lips (a little bold for an otherwise make-up free face).  On the eyes I penciled it in and powdered over top, and it was ok. After lunch I checked it out, and it was still there, though it had transferred a bit without eye shadow over top. On the lips I  lined and filled with the pencil (since I don’t have a dark fuchsia lipstick to put over top) and then dabbed a bit of clear balm over top for a nice lip feel. It lasted until after lunch, and one more application of balm. I’m sort of “eh” on it. 6/10 – probably won’t be used.

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July 2015 ipsy

my July 2015 ipsy glam bag, along with my points purchase

my July 2015 ipsy glam bag, along with my points purchase

Another month… another package from ipsy!
Thanks to reviews and at least one person signing up using my referral code, I had enough points for an extra bonus, which I’ll add to this blog post too, since they came together.

This post is coming a bit late… because my package arrived a bit late. Normally it arrives around the 17th, but this time (presumably because of the points purchase) it came on the 31st of July instead 😦

Beauty samples

So, what was in my July 2015 ipsy Glam Bag?

Thanks for asking! 😉

I was pretty nervous about seeing fragrance in my Glam Bag – I intentionally didn’t check it off as something I wanted because I tend to be very sensitive to fragrances, particularly very chemical-smelling synthetic fragrances (I’m good with most essential oils though). Jor’el Parker’s Classico was not something I was looking forward to, even if the description of ‘Indian Tuberose, Turkish Cyclamen, and Spanish Mandarin’ sounded interesting even if overly-sweet…

The actual fragrance is a roller-ball, and a bit intense, but not as overly-sweet as I anticipated. I don’t know if I’ll actually wear it or not, because I found it a bit strong for me – though it fades (or I got used to it) pretty quickly. After an hour or so I wasn’t noticing it nearly as much. I might pop it into my work cosmetic bag, for a bit of fragrance at the end of a work-day or something if I need a floral pick-me-up.


The colour shown on Ipsy’s sneak preview of the Jelly Pong Pong Cosmetics 2-in-1 Shadow/Liner on the other hand WAS something I was looking forward to. The website showed it as a rich wine-burgundy – much better than the champagne-coloured products I keep getting from Ipsy. I also really love big thick eyeshadow crayons, especially for travel, where powders then also require a brush…

The colour is actually more of a brown-bronze with a bit of burgundy under-tone. Still a bit more neutral than I’d really prefer, but nice. I found that it worked well as a liner, less so as a shadow, because it didn’t blend quite as nicely as I’d like for a pencil shadow.



Hand spun wool and the orange -toned pink polish from my July ipsy glam bag

Hand spun wool and the orange -toned pink polish from my July ipsy glam bag

Another one I was not especially looking forward to was AURORA Gel Effect Nail Polish in 4 Alarm Fire which looked like an orange-toned hot-pink. It’s supposed to be a regular polish that doesn’t require the destructive UV lamp to dry… but a regular polish that stays “shiny and durable for up to 2 weeks”, while still being easy to remove with polish remover.

The result… as above – a very orange-toned hot pink. I think this would look really good if I had a really deep tan, or on someone with a darker, richer skin tone, but on my pale skin, it just looks garish. I might reserve this just for my toes.. but really I normally wear red or gold on my toes, and don’t have much room in my nail polish shelf for something I might wear once a year…  I’ll probably get rid of it.

I did find that it was very thin, went on smoothly for the first coat, and with only one coat, had quite good coverage. I’d still probably recommend two coats though, for even coverage. It dried quite quickly. I would consider this brand again, if not this colour. I ended up putting a different colour over-top two days later, so I can’t say how long it lasts… though at the 2-day mark it was fine…


pūr~lisse pur-bright ultra skin brightening serum was the next product in my Glam Bag for July, claiming to be “clinically proven to help brighten through our unique, exclusive peptide complex, Lotus Lupine 5. Its 9 powerful plant extracts strengthen skin against future damage, while safely decreasing melanin production for fewer age spots”. I read this as “blah blah blah” personally.

What it is… a very thin lotion that certainly doesn’t “brighten” the skin, and smells vaguely like glue. Old glue. The kind that you’d have back in elementary school, where the rubber applicators would be all deteriorating and coated in cracked dried glue.



Finally, the last item was Be A Bombshell Cosmetics Lip Balm – I got ‘French Kiss’, which is a soft bubblegum pink, while other ipsters got Ruby, an orange-toned red (which would have been wrong for my skin tone anyways).  This product was described as a “hydrating formula to leave lips feeling silky smooth with a hint of color.” Honestly – the colour is non-existent. The formula is nice and silky… but also left CHUNKS of product on my lips until I picked them off. I imagine this was just a matter of the pouring not working out 100%, but I haven’t had the desire to give it a second try yet.




The bag.. is ugly. Plain ugly. Hello, it’s the 1980s calling, they want their bag back. And the early 2010s want this joke back.


Bonus product

I had enough points to get this as well, so ordered it. I notice that a lot of the really reasonably priced (points) items seem to be sold out, so when I saw this available, I figured I’d snag it. I’m contemplating cancelling my subscription as well (the $US is making it more and more expensive) which means I wanted to use up the points while I still could.

I ordered Buxom eye shadow single (the case and the colour) in Haute Couture. The colour is fine, again, a fairly neutral colour, but it’s ok. It looks like it’s going to be an espresso-brown, but it actually goes on as more of an ashy-bronze – at least on my skin-tone. The formula seems pretty smooth and pigment-rich, though it brushes off pretty easily without a primer (though it’s supposed to be a ‘primer-infused colour’) and I didn’t smell any noticeable fragrance.

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June 2015 Ipsy

On June 15 I started seeing friends on my Facebook feed posting about already getting their ipsy packages, and started to get excited to see what I’d be getting in the mail this month from them too. (I’m also waiting on a few other packages, so it’s just a constant state of being it seems…)

Since I went into ipsy to review my past orders (and with the site redesign it looks like all of my previous reviews were erased… 😦 ) I figured I’d get that sneak-peek about what to expect…

High expectations…

The sneak preview page said I’d be getting:

IT Cosmetics Brow Power Universal Eyebrow Pencil – with a shade intended to “match all hair colours” and “cover grey perfectly” I was interested in the product, but the shade worried me. Ipsy keeps sending me shades that are either way too bright, or way too light… and a ‘universal’ shade just sounds unrealistic….

Smashbox Cosmetics Photo Finish Foundation Primer – I have another primer (I think it might even be from Smashbox) which I love, so I was really looking forward to this one.

BeFine Cucumber Facial Mask – Masks are cool.. I don’t use them very often, but this sounded good…

Tre’StiQue Mini Shadow Crayon – the site indicated that we’d be getting either a pink-nude/pearl, a soft gold, a classic brown, or a deep earthy green with a gold pearl. I thought I’d like the gold or the green.. but given ipsy’s habit of sending me super-light shades… I imagined I’d be getting the pink-nude instead. I do really like shadow crayons though, especially for travel or to put in my work make up kit.

J. Cat Beauty Lipitude Hydrating Lip Stain – this sounds great for summer, but the colours look lke either an orange-y pink or a bright-hot pink. Neither of which do I really love for lip stains…

What I thought about my order

Once the order actually arrived on the 16th, I was able to look at what I had received – here’s what I thought:


IT Cosmetics Brow Power Universal Eyebrow Pencil – as I anticipated, the “universal” colour doesn’t really work with my light brows. Using even the lightest touch (and actually seeing something happening!) results in brows that are darker than I’d normally wear… but not by much, so I’m ok with this. The brush on the back is a good idea though. 5/10, with a recommendation they at least do three colours…

Smashbox Cosmetics Photo Finish Foundation Primer – This actually comes out of the tube looking matte, which I loved – and it feels great on the skin, very smooth. However, the matte effect isn’t strong, and I think I’ll stick with my green (colour correcting) primer instead. 7/10.

BeFine Cucumber Facial Mask – This mask has a very fresh fragrance.. but I suspect that for people who have sensitivities to scents, it might just be too strong. After having it on for just a few minutes, it was starting to annoy me more than anything – though luckily it’s not a scent that triggers a bad reaction for me. The mask goes on smooth, and since I only put on a thin layer, didn’t have that clay-mask cracking/tight feeling I usually think of with masks. It rinsed off easily and I think I could notice my skin feeling slightly softer and smoother immediately after rinsing.  6/10, with a recommendation to turn the scent down.

Tre’StiQue Mini Shadow Crayon – When I got this, I thought it was missing it’s cap – turns out the cap is just shaped like an eyeshadow pencil! Inside the cap is more of a tube with a creamy crayon rather than a pencil, which is fine, but as expected, they sent me the pink pearl colour which is so light I can barely see it on my eyelid. The crayon goes on smoothly, and it blends well. One of the challenges with crayon shadows that I’ve experienced is transfer/bleed/shifting of the product.. it tends to move around long after I’d like it to stay put if I don’t powder over top of it… I had it on for about an hour, and it hadn’t shifted yet… (but an hour isn’t a lot of time, and I was indoors at my desk, not outside in the sun or moving around a lot…) 6/10 for the formula, but 2/10 for the colour. Seriously ipsy, stop sending me champagne-colored eyeshadows!!!

J. Cat Beauty Lipitude Hydrating Lip Stain – This has a very nice applicator, but the product goes on VERY opaque, and heavy. There’s a slight, not pleasant scent.   It definitely stains, I touched up a corner with my finger, and my fingertip stained quite well. After blotting four times, I still had colour on my lips – but this time a nice stain instead of the opaque lipstick look. However… the colour…. once blotted it’s all right – a bit bright for my tastes, but ok.  But before blotting? Wow it’s bright. Far too bright for my taste or complexion I think. Its one of those “do up your whole face” colours, rather than a “throw on some lipgloss and some mascara and run for the bus” colours. 6/10 because I think it’s probably a good product, in a better colour.


oh.. and the bag..
I kind of like the bag again this month – it’s  a soft knit bag, a scuba-like fabric on the back, and an ipsy-embossed knit on the front. Just a simple bag with a top zipper, and a waterproof lining. I think it will be more useful than some of the other bags I’ve received in the past 🙂

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