Purposefully white hair

The final effect  - white hair!

The final effect – white hair!

It was never my intention for this to become a “beauty blog” so I’ve kept most of my product comments and reviews about great nail polish (I’m loving Gosh right now which I get from Shoppers Drug Mart) or eye shadows (I just picked up some of the cream shadows for cheeks & eyes from Make Up Forever) far between but I thought I would do a bit of a post about ‘going white’… in terms of hair…


Toning samples close-up

Toning samples close-up

This blog is largely about sewing and costuming and crafting – and on the costuming bent, I know that a few people read this blog who cosplay… and I know that a few cosplayers want to dye their hair instead of wearing wigs (especially if you have long, thick hair like mine, which is nearly impossible to stuff under a wig). If you want to go a light blond or pastel colour (or if you just want your bright colour to really pop) one of the things you’ll likely have to do (unless you were born with light blond hair and have retained it through the years – I was, but didn’t) is bleaching out your hair.

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