Vikings in BC – keys (and brooches part 3)

Beautiful key from Sweden

Beautiful key from Sweden

In my last post you might have noticed a key in among the brooches as part of a larger display. While there are brooches in this post, this really is all about the keys from the Vikings in BC display, which came to Victoria, BC from Sweden. I visited the exhibit in summer 2014, but there have been so many things to blog about, that I still haven’t been able to post everything!

This will be another image-heavy post, so watch-out mobile users!

The key above seems to have been suspended using loop-in-loop chain.


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Viking locks and keys

Keys in the Iceland National Museum's "Medieval" area (vs. Viking age)

Keys in the Iceland National Museum’s “Medieval” area (vs. Viking age)

As I’m getting close to the end of my photos from my trip to Iceland to share with you, I’m looking at a few more photos that aren’t necessarily clothing related – but might be interesting to anyone interested in Viking-Age history… or in this case, both Viking Age and Medieval Iceland.

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