Red purse shaped like a lute

Complete red velvet lute-shaped purse (front)

Complete red velvet lute-shaped purse (front)

After making two new purple velvet “lute” shaped purses, I decided to make one with a slightly different shape, and this time in red and gold.


Three different purses, the two phallic-shaped ones, and the red lute-shaped purse

You might remember that my other “lute” shaped purses are very phallic. This is actually a documentable style, as per my previous research post.  However, there is also a similar purse that is much more “lute” shaped, and a lot less phallic shaped, so I opted to try that design as well.

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Celebration – lute-shaped purses

Large and small "Lute" shaped purple velvet purses (front)

Large and small “Lute” shaped purple velvet purses (front)

About a year and a half ago I made a purse shaped like a “lute” for an A&S competition. When we were trying to think of what kind of largess to make to celebrate Caterina’s elevation to the Order of the Laurel, I offered to make a purse shaped like a lute similar to the one I’d already made. The purse is late period, from a variety of sources in Europe (England, the Netherlands, Italy, and more) so is mostly suitable for her late-period Italian persona.

My original project can be found here.

While my documentation with extant examples can be found here.

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A&S documentation for my ‘lute-shaped’ purse

My finished purse (pouch side)

My finished purse (pouch side)

A while back I posted my ‘purse shaped like a lute’ inspired by several examples from the 16th century. I decided to enter my barony’s A&S competition in April, and decided to enter the purse as one of my two items.

I wanted to share the documentation here, in case anyone else is interested in some of the period examples and information I learned about this kind of purse – plus some of my questions; if there’s anyone out there who can answer some of them, please leave a comment below!

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