Shoe makeover

Heel of the embellished shoe

Heel of the embellished shoe

While up in Edmonton in March I popped into a shoe store, and of course found a super-cute pair of shoes… but a bit too expensive. A bunch of other shoes were on sale, and I asked the clerk just in case…. and they were on sale too! Sold!

Of course, as cute as they were, I thought they were still begging for a bit of an upgrade…

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Sewing / Laundry Room makeover

So despite still trying to wipe dust off surfaces in our basement, the decision has been made to re-do the laundry room.  I’m thinking about how the new room could possibly look and function.

Sewing room from Ebuild

This image is from a website called ebuild – which is really more about renovations than design, but it’s still a decent reference photo I figure.  I like the amount of light – which isn’t that useful in our space, but the white cabinets (which match the washer) helps lighten up the space.  I like the pop of colour as well, though the colour itself doesn’t appeal to me.  I like the seat-height desk for the sewing machine, but the counter-height for the remainder, though it’s something to think about.  I like the cupboards – although I really like the look of the glass doors, I don’t know if they’re entirely practical to use everywhere, but for a fabric cabinet (provided there’s no direct fabric-bleaching sunlight) I think it’s gorgeous – being able to see those pops of colour in an otherwise white wall.  I like the mini drawers (for threads, knitting needles/etc).  I don’t entirely understand the little cube cupboard, but imagine it would slide under the desk – possibly creating a place to put works-in-progress?

Sewing room from Ikea Fan

From a website called Ikea Fan, a poster has an absolutely beautiful sewing room featured.  The cutting table is really the most lovely part of this – the front of the clear drawers is actually faked – beautifully so.  There is a brief explanation of how it was done on the web posts.  Other than that, there really isn’t a lot going on in this room – no hanging storage for clothes, two additional bookshelves, but by the sounds of the discussion following the original post – it sounds as though there’s a closet in the room as well.  Again the light in this room makes a big difference – having those huge windows would sure be wonderful, but is simply not going to happen!  With that being said, the abundant track lighting is a great feature, and that would be workable I imagine.  The large cutting table in the middle of the room would be amazing, but not really possible in the space we’re working with.

Ikea Fan island

Looking at another cutting ‘island’, here’s another example from Ikea Fans.  This one started life as two dressers, with a plywood top.  Once more, the white is fantastic for this kind of a room, and the additional storage under the cutting table is great, but again there just isn’t room in the space we’ll be renovating for this kind of unit.  😦  I wonder if there’s a way of getting this large cutting space, within the space we’re working with?

Confetti's sewing room

The Ikea Fan website pointed me in the direction of the Confetti Paper Arts & Pretty Smarts blog – and a redesign of a very long and narrow sewing/craft room.  I like the fact that it’s a small room for starters – though I don’t know if it’s as efficient with space as we’ll need our space to be.  With this photo I especially like the use of the over-the-door space, with shelves all the way up to the ceiling.  While it might be too high for things that need to be regularly accessed, it’s likely an excellent space for things like magazines (which are only used as a resource once in a while), rarely used notions and tools, or other things like that.

Sew Many Ways' sewing room

Next up – probably the most interesting (and well-documented!) sewing room renovation that I have seen in my online wanderings.  This one is from a blog called Sew Many Ways, and I think it would be great to have such a pretty and well-organized (not to mention large!) sewing/craft room!  I love that this room has all this crisp clean black mixed with the lighter colours and tones.  I like the black and white patterned boxes and also the colourful stacks of fabrics.  What fun!  If you’re looking for your own redesign, the blog hostess also has a whole bunch of DIY ideas for your own room or storage solutions.

Sew Many Ways' ribbon storage

One of my favorite ideas (that I might consider stealing!) from the Sew Many Ways blog, is this cool idea for storing ribbon.  Right now all of my ribbon is in cardboard boxes, which looks fine too, but this is just so pretty!  Ah.. but half the point of all the boxes is to keep things looking clean…  *sighs*

Here’s hoping that some great ideas will inspire a great renovation, leading to a fantastic new room!

Do you have a blog featuring photos of your sewing or crafting laundry room?  Please share a URL in the comments below so we can go take a look!