Corset class – The masculine side of corsetry

Grommets for lacing on a couture, custom-made corset.

Grommets for lacing with nylon cord

One question I’ve been asked that there doesn’t seem to be a lot (or perhaps just enough) information on is corsetry for men.  I have found that these inquiries generally fall into four  different categories:

  • Men looking to change their figure to a more curvy, hourglass (stereotypical feminine) figure (either for cross-dressing, female illusionists, or female impersonation performances).
  • Men looking to wear corsets but maintain a fairly straight or v-shaped (stereotypical masculine) silhouette.  (Taming that pot-belly for instance, or supporting their backs.)
  • Men looking for the fashionable aspect of corsets. (Popular amongst  goth, emo, steampunk, cyberpunk, or fetish sub-culture fashions.)
  • Men who enjoy the restrained feeling of being in a corset – like bondage you can wear under your clothes.

This, to me, comes down to two different styles of corsets – one that tries to imitate a desired ‘feminine’ figure for the male dresser; one with curves, and one that tries to enforce a more straight or v-shaped ‘masculine’ figure.  Those looking for fashion or restraint may go either way, depending on their own figure, their interests, and indeed, their own self-confidence!

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