Upcycling frames

upcycled mirror frame in my bathroom

upcycled mirror frame in my bathroom

A while ago a friend-of-a-friend was downsizing her house. Like… a LOT.

She was moving from a four-bedroom above grade, two story (plus full basement and two-car+ garage) to a one-bedroom secondary suite. Also.. she had been a “collector” of multiple things for a number of years, and although she’d been destashing for a few years, there was still a LOT to destash as she was moving.

This meant that she had a bit of a free-for-all house pillage, where me and a few friends went in and picked out some of the things she couldn’t take with her that we might be able to use, before it would all be tossed into a garbage bin. Of course, this also happened during Covid19 pandemic, and thrift stores weren’t accepting donations, garage and estate sales were not happening, and other challenges existed.

(I also took home probably 6 big bins worth of things to give away to friends who couldn’t join me as well – so a LOT of stuff has found homes… though I still feel bad for the amount of perfectly lovely stuff that was left behind that will no doubt just be bulldozed and thrown into landfill by the house’s new owners 😦 There was only so much time to go through the house, and so much stuff (like… three pianos….) were just trapped behind too many other things to be able to carry out. )

She is an artist… and this meant along with lots of canvas’ (which my mum, also a painter, took) there were also LOADS of frames. Some were plain and ordinary photo frames, but many were those gorgeous, decorated, molded gilded frames.

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