Sew many giveaways! (And a no-reply blogger problem)

I had never heard about this before, but thanks to one of those Twitter suggestions, I happened to click on the link for Sew, Mama, Sew.

Well, they’ve organized a crafty blogger giveaway-palooza!

Head over to their blog, and click the category you’re most interested in, and then follow the links for your chance (alongside me!) to win beautiful things by crafty bloggers! You might just find another amazing crafty blog to follow… (I sure have!)

I’ve used my WordPress login to enter – but I don’t know  if it shares my email address/contact information with the login… if you’ve followed a link from one of those participating blogs – could you let me know in the comments below?

No Reply bloggers

There’s a tutorial to see if your email shows up in comments if you log in with a Blogger ‘open ID’ – but I have yet to find a similar check for those of us using WordPress.

Here’s another one, again for Blogger users: .. and another: (wow, who knew this was such a big problem?)


Ok… well, it looks like I probably am a no-reply blogger – not by choice, but because I’m not a Blogger-blogger! Since I’m on WordPress, it looks like the two systems don’t play nice together, and there’s nothing I can do, if I want to use my WordPress ‘open ID’ to comment on Blogger blogs… it’s either sign up for a Blogger account (um, not going to happen! I don’t need yet another login somewhere..) or leave my email address in the comments. Ouch! Also not cool!

Piece Meal Quilts has something to say about this:

“Only Blogger users face this issue. See, Google doesn’t want to share the
sandbox, so they’re making it difficult for people using other platforms
to play. Anyone who blogs on a platform other than Blogger will
always show up as a no reply blogger, as will anyone who leaves
a reply using the Name/URL option.
 There’s nothing we can do

about it. While Blogger allows us to comment using a WordPress,
TypePad or OpenID profile, it does not share the email information
with you (even though it’s available).”

Time Thief also adds:

“I could go on and on about Blogger commenting but I won’t. I’ll simply add this:
Open ID fails more often than it works.”

… so, I guess that’s what the problem is. How disappointing!