Enchantment Under the Sea – Hat

The cocktail hat or fascinator for my "Enchantment Under the Sea" costume.

The cocktail hat or fascinator for my “Enchantment Under the Sea” costume.

You’re never fully dressed without a … hat!

I looked at hats from the 1950s and saw they were as diverse as hats today (albeit probably more commonly worn than today..) I opted for a small fascinator/cocktail hat, since it was a “prom” dress costume after all. (Other common options were wide-brimmed hats which seemed less workable). I wanted the hat to look like a nautilus shell curled up, accented with things like starfish, netting, etc.. Continue reading

Enchantment Under the Sea – Gloves

Gloves or "hand - fins" for my costume

Finished gloves or “hand – fins” for my costume – one shown face up, the other face down.

One of the hardest parts about this costume was the “gloves”. In the costume sketch, I really liked the look – but when I came to drafting the pattern, it got a lot harder to translate that basic sketch into something I could work from.

I wanted a fin-like glove, similar to Miss Tess’s sheer glove (below, from Pinterest) but I wanted my fingers to be free so I wouldn’t have to take the glove off and on in order to sip my drink, nibble on the delicious food I’m anticipating, or to do anything to help out with the party. Continue reading

Enchantment under the Sea – Ear-Fins

Completed ear fins for my Enchantment Under the Sea costume.

Completed ear fins for my Enchantment Under the Sea costume.

One of the elements I wanted for my Enchantment Under the Sea costume was ear-fins. I saw a few variations on Pinterest (some using wire, some using foam, some using paper) and decided to do mine in wire and fabric, since then I could match them to other elements on the costume which would also be fabric-based. Continue reading

Millinery: advice wanted

Option 3 - a silver-tone octopus stamping

Option 3 – a silver-tone octopus stamping

I’m auditioning three different ideas to embellish a hat I’m working on (my poor fingers…) and am hoping to get some feedback.

I just can’t decide between two different ideas.

Here’s what I’m thinking of…

Option 1 – an ivory octopus cameo in a metal frame.

Option 2 – a red octopus cameo in a metal frame – I had to edit this photo; I don’t have this cameo, if I go with it, I’ll need to buy one. (Just pretend it’s the right shade of red)

Option 3 – a silver-tone octopus stamping

What do you think? Let me know which option you think I should go with in the comments below!

In case you’re wondering… this is a black fur-felt ‘topper’, kind of like the silver topper I posted about a while ago. It’s not quite a top-hat, since I’ve shaped the brim to have that cool, pointed swoop on the side.

Hopefully I’ll pick which version I want to go with (with your help!) and can show off the finished hat soon!

Tentacles continue

Just a quick post about one of the projects I started a while ago, and finally finished off the other day.

While working with polymer clay to make the pendants in one of my Tentacles posts, I also made a hair clip inspired by one of the tentacle hair combs from this post. Although I made the tentacle a while back, I didn’t get around to affixing it to a clip until recently.

Such fun!

Quick self-snapshot...