Shrunken head

… a self-portrait on shrink plastic

self-portrait in pencil crayon on shrink plastic before shrinking

self-portrait in pencil crayon on shrink plastic before shrinking

When starting to work with shrink plastic I read that if I wanted to use coloured pencil, that it would be a good idea to lightly sand the surface before starting. I had NO idea what I wanted to draw, so while looking around my craft room my gaze landed on a self-portrait I had recently painted, and I decided to give that a whirl – mostly to try out the technique more than anything else.

I sanded down the plastic, and then sketched out the portrait pretty loosely (having thought that the colours would intensify, but also thinking that details would be lost) with two shades of blue, white, and a tiny bit of pink pencil crayon.

I ended up using a full sheet of plastic, since I couldn’t really figure out where to cut it… again – this was just to try out the technique.

When the end result came out of the oven, I figured I’d also test out bending the plastic around a form… and bent it around a can sitting on the counter – so it sort of is a portrait that stands by itself!

Some of the other projects I've worked on recently

The portrait after baking along with other projects I worked on at the same time.

While the colours intensified a great deal (I actually am a bit disappointed how much the pink came through) I thought that the detail of the shading marks would blend together – and they didn’t… I don’t really love how I can see every pencil line.. though it’s definitely a different kind of self-portrait!

Painted Mjölnir bowl

Mjölnir bowl

Mjölnir bowl (hard to photograph; it’s so shiny!)

I’m currently the chair of the Social Committee at work, and one of our projects is an annual event in April. Last year we chose to do a pottery-painting party which was hugely successful. We brought in mugs along with paint and tools, the staff painted their mugs, and then we took them to one of those “paint your own pottery” places to have them glazed and fired. Continue reading

A weekend of art

Just like my last post from the April 12th art show, on the weekend of April 26-27 I enjoyed another art show – a few actually!

Saturday, April 26 I started off at the Calgary Community Painters Society show at the Triwood Community Centre. 

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I really thought that the encaustic cows were great – but I don’t like cows!

From there I headed to the Calyx show

Here are a few of my favourite pieces:

(Oh. and I love how the bright lime vehicle was parked right behind the bright green sign!)

Then on Sunday the 27th, my friend and I went back to the Calyx show. They have different artists each day, so there were different things to see. Interestingly enough, there were several artists who had been at the Calgary Community Painters Society show the day before – though there weren’t too many duplicate paintings.

On Sunday I ended up purchasing two paintings. Interestingly enough, they were done by the same artist who I already have another painting by. Now comes the struggle of trying to figure out where to HANG them!

Hopefully there will be more shows coming, and maybe I’ll try to get some photos of my new acquisitions to share too!

Calgary Sketch Club show April 12, 2014

On April 12, 2014 I attended another Calgary Sketch Club show.

I didn’t purchase anything, but like other shows, I thought I’d share some of the images from the show that I really enjoyed.

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I attended the Calgary Sketch Club show last October as well.

Sunset (Acrylic painting)

Sunset during my Alaska cruise

Sunset during my Alaska cruise

I haven’t shared my painting in a while, but I thought I’d post one I finished off a while ago… that I’m actually not too happy with. I don’t know what I don’t like about it – just that it doesn’t do it for me. I’ve decided to live with it for a while before doing anything else with it though. The water isn’t right to me, the clouds aren’t right… it just overall doesn’t work for me… but I think I’m too tired of it to continue working on it right now.


Acrylic/mixed media painting of a sunset

Acrylic/mixed media painting of a sunset

It started out as a completely different painting… that I totally messed up on. I ended up covering the canvas entirely with a thick medium, which created lines and ridges that I thought was interesting. From there I covered the surface in gold leaf, and then painted on top of that with a variety of acrylics and acrylic glazes.


The painting was vaguely inspired by a photo I took from my trip to Alaska.