Purple plaid circle skirt

A bias-cut circle skirt in purple, white, grey and black even plaid

Purple plaid circle skirt

I got on a bit of a roll, making mundane clothing for every-day wear… the black and white pinstripe pencil skirt, the printed plaid pencil skirt, the printed plaid circle skirt, and finally this purple, grey, white, and black plaid circle skirt.

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Bias printed pencil skirt

Bias printed plaid knit fabric made up into a vintage-style pencil skirt

Plaid pencil skirt

The other day I posted my Bias printed circle skirt post – well there was a little bit of material left over from cutting the skirt, so I also cut a pencil skirt from the same fabric! This is pretty much exactly the same as the black and white pinstripe pencil skirt I posted earlier, but with a sewn-on elastic waistband, instead of a fold over elastic waist.

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Plaid apron dress – HSM October

Plaid apron dress (hangerock) with a fake fur stole and white linen underdress. Adding new items to my Viking Age wardrobe.

New plaid apron dress

In summer 2016 I hosted a supply swap – with the plan for it to be part of a two-event challenge in the SCA, however there wasn’t enough participation so I had to cancel the second part. However, I did come away with some lovely wool plaid fabric from Asny Hafdansdoitter, a SCA player from another kingdom.

The yardage is a medium charcoal grey, with light grey, navy blue, and burgundy plaid. The only challenge for me – it was only 170cm long by 140cm wide – much too small for most of the garments I’d want to make for myself.

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June 2016 free fabrics

In early June my former teacher gave me yet another box of fabrics from her stash (she’s given me a few boxes before too….as she tries to de-clutter her own craft and sewing area). This time while I left some fabrics behind (my mum took some, and others I’ll give away, I opted to keep the following:

2.1 meters of burgundy-red fabric.
Interesting weave, most likely cotton.

2.3 meters of brown single-faced Melton,
wool-synthetic blend

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