Egyptian costume – September 2017 HSM

initial sketch looking at options for my Egyptian costume

sketch for my Egyptian gowns

September 2017’s Historical Sew Monthly theme is “Seen Onscreen”. It was finally mid-September when I finally got my full sewing space back, and I wasn’t sure if I’d have time to make something for this challenge (actually on time…rather than all the others that have been very, very late) but I figured I’d give it a go anyways.

The theme

September: Seen Onscreen – Be inspired by period fashions as shown onscreen (film or TV), and recreate your favourite historical costume as a historically accurate period piece.

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2017 Costuming challenges – themes announced

On December 5th, 2016 the creator of the Historical Sew Monthly announced the themes for the 2017 challenges. I’m feeling very inspired by this next set of challenges, and in this article will brainstorm some of my ideas.

2017 costuming challenges

January: Firsts & Lasts – Create either the first item in a new ensemble, or one last piece to put the final fillip on an outfit.

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Istanbul on the Royal Progress

Direct link from Pinterest

Our (SCA) King and Queen have chosen to make each major event part of a “Royal Progress” as if they are travelling to place to place around medieval Europe as they travel from event to event within our SCA kingdom.

For June Crown (the tournament that will determine their heirs to the throne) they’ve chosen Istanbul. Oddly enough, for Spring Champions (which I blogged about earlier) they chose Constantinople. Now.. their personas are 11th Century (which works well for me, since my persona is 10th Century Iceland, so it’s not so far off) so for Spring Champions, I simply pulled out my 11th Century Byzantine costume- since Constantinople was the capital of the Byzantine empire in the 11th Century. Perfect!

However, I’m a bit stumped when it comes to June Crown, since Istanbul is the MODERN name for the same city (the name seems to have developed in the Ottoman era – 1453–1922 but was used alongside Constantinople and only officially became the name for the city in the late 1920s/early 30s)… So.. my options:

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Silk Road garb (Part 3 – Dalmatica)


11th Century Byzantine costume (without the cloak)

11th Century Byzantine costume (without the cloak)

In my research (albeit limited) I was really surprised (and happy!) to see how much the Byzantine Dalmatica was similar to the Bliaut that I have been pondering and working on prior to starting this project (but am no where near done…). This definitely made the project draft up faster.

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