1480s Florence – Reta (netted headdress)

Finished Italian Reta

Finished Italian Reta

I wanted to start off my 1480s Florence costume with a Reta – a netted headdress. I figured I’d start off with a (hopefully wearable) mock-up with whatever I had in my ‘stash’, and if it worked out I could try something with more intentional materials.


There were a number of inspiration images to get me started, but the one I was most interested in was the The Birth of Mary portrait (detail)

Birth of Mary detail

This one is a much smaller version by the looks of things from the other portraits I’ve found online – going from the top of the head to the middle of the back of the head – but not covering up the low ponytail.  For my ‘intentional’ version I think that black velvet ribbon and gold cord would work well – but I’m actually considering going with a silver colourway rather than gold for my own personal preference. (Though I haven’t seen any portraits that show silver…) This main inspiration image appears to be three black strips outlined in gold, connected with gold netting. Continue reading