1480s Florence – my costume jewellery

Finished necklace for my 1480s Florence costume.

Finished necklace for my 1480s Florence costume.

In an earlier post I shared some of my research thus far on jewellery for my 1480s Florence costume, and here I’ll show off some of the things I made to go with the outfit.


The first necklace (above) is frankly, the one I’m most pleased with. I think it LOOKS reasonably appropriate, it took a lot of work, and I think it turned out pretty well, so hurray for me!

This one is a “gold” setting with a black “stone” with minimal faceting (there’s a bit, but it’s pretty minimal, which from my reading is appropriate It’s strung on a faux pearl and (real) coral bead necklace with a toggle fastener (the same toggles I used to lace my dress, minus the bar) and there are three teardrop-shaped pearls hanging from the pendant.

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