Alternate Saccoccia pattern


sort of ‘side-view’ of the new pocket pattern attempt, showing a bit of the additional fullness to the bottom of the bag.


While making up the Saccoccia pocket-bags for largess, one of the women pointed out a detail in one of the photos that I’d never narrowed in on. One of the pouches seemed to have some fullness at the bottom of the pouch.

I decided to give it a try.

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Largess Saccoccia

Assortment of some of the pocket bags I worked on.

Assortment of some of the pocket bags I worked on.

Shortly after making my Saccoccia (pocket bag) I met up with a few women who play in the SCA and we made up a bunch of pocket-bags to give away as largess.

I’ll admit, I don’t totally understand largess – how do items get distributed? What do people do if they get largess that isn’t suitable for what they play? (As lovely and as thoughtful as the items might be.)
These pockets are really only suitable in style for 1575 (I think, that’s the earliest painting reference I have found) and later, and only for women – so they couldn’t go to just anyone… but all the same, doing the pocket-bags assembly-line style with a bunch of other people was quite fun, and some of us were quite happy to be getting some pockets of our own out of the experience.  Continue reading

1480s Florence – Saccoccia (purse/pouch)

Embellished Saccoccia - an Italian pocket/pouch

Embellished Saccoccia – an Italian pocket/pouch

Since I’m a glutton for punishment, and was still waiting for my trim to arrive for my Italian Renaissance costume, I decided to make a Saccoccia to accompany my costume. Although all of the paintings I’ve looked at only show this pocket-pouch-bag after 1575, I wasn’t seeing a lot of other pouches or purses that appealed to me (that I could make in a short time period) from artwork from my desired time period. Although it’s possible that the Saccoccia is actually too late for my costume, I decided to make one anyways.

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