Vikings in BC – keys (and brooches part 3)

Beautiful key from Sweden

Beautiful key from Sweden

In my last post you might have noticed a key in among the brooches as part of a larger display. While there are brooches in this post, this really is all about the keys from the Vikings in BC display, which came to Victoria, BC from Sweden. I visited the exhibit in summer 2014, but there have been so many things to blog about, that I still haven’t been able to post everything!

This will be another image-heavy post, so watch-out mobile users!

The key above seems to have been suspended using loop-in-loop chain.


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Enchantment Under the Sea – Hat

The cocktail hat or fascinator for my "Enchantment Under the Sea" costume.

The cocktail hat or fascinator for my “Enchantment Under the Sea” costume.

You’re never fully dressed without a … hat!

I looked at hats from the 1950s and saw they were as diverse as hats today (albeit probably more commonly worn than today..) I opted for a small fascinator/cocktail hat, since it was a “prom” dress costume after all. (Other common options were wide-brimmed hats which seemed less workable). I wanted the hat to look like a nautilus shell curled up, accented with things like starfish, netting, etc.. Continue reading