Fabric (and yarn!) shopping in Finland & Iceland

Fabric from EuroKangas in Finland

Fabric from EuroKangas in Finland

I mentioned in an earlier post that I’d be a bit delayed in some of my costume posts, because some Real Life™ had come up – well that Real Life – was some wonderful travel! For much of the month of November I was in Finland and Iceland (again! My second visits to both countries) and that means for nearly a month I wasn’t sewing or writing at all…

But I did shop for fabric!


My first stop in Finland was in Turku, a beautiful city that I loved during my first visit to Finland on the west coast. I stopped in EuroKangas, the large fabric store chain, which is located at the top floor of a department store. There I bought:

Fabric from EuroKangas in Finland

Fabric from EuroKangas in Finland

Approximately 2 meters of rich dark red pvc – this is going to be an amazing purse/bag I think… This was sold by weight rather than yardage, at the side of the store. (Top row, far right)

5 meters of creamy-silver-grey silk (taffeta weight, no slubs at all – it’s super smooth) – I have this in mind for a Tudor/late-period gown. 100% silk, “Silk Assortment” 19,90 Euro/meter (pretty good) (Top row of the photo, far left)

5 meters of yellowy-green silk (taffeta weight, very few slubs) – this is so not my normal colour, but there was something about it I really liked – perhaps the price! I bought enough for a simple late-period kirtle/dress, though I also think I might try dying it, since it’s a light enough colour that I think it will overdye well. 100% silk, “Sanderson – homecoll” 9,90 Euro/meter (wow!) (Top row of the photo, second from left)

3 meters of olive green silk knit. I bought some of this knit in a grey colourway last time I was in Finland, and although I haven’t actually made it up into anything yet, absolutely love the fabric. I think this will be a loose pullover top. 100% silk, “Moda Jersey” – 27Euro/meter (ouch!) (Top row of the photo, second from right)

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