Millinery: 3/4 Sinamay

In the advanced millinery class that I took a while ago I started on an approximately 3/4 scale sinamay hat/fascinator. Like all of the other projects that I started in the class, I didn’t finish the hat in the class, but instead took them home to finish.

Well… a number of my projects sat around in their half-finished state for a while.  I guess that I just wasn’t inspired for a while, but I finally got around to this hat!

3/4 sinamay fascinator with silk trim

3/4 sinamay fascinator with silk trim

3/4 scale

Back when I was making the mini tricorn hats during the first class I considered instead of tiny little mini-hats, to do 3/4 size hats instead. Unfortunately the instructor didn’t have any blocks that were fully 3/4 size, so I used a block slightly larger than 3/4. I thought that this scale would make for a neat facinator – and I love the way the tricorn hats turned out.

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