Stash report (May 7 shopping)

Amazing blue silk with red, green, and tan floral embroidery

Amazing blue silk with red, green, and tan floral embroidery

May 7, 2015 I went shopping for two things… yellow and white taffeta. Neither of these are things in my stash, so I had to go shopping… right? Of course, I came out with MUCH more – the highlight of which is the blue silk floral pictured above. The bolt only had 2.8 meters on it though!

So… now other than framing it and hanging it on my wall and basking in how pretty it is.. what do I want to MAKE with it? It has a  paisley-like swirl in the floral embroidery (done in green, red, and tan) and paisley prints didn’t start being made in Europe until the 1600’s apparently, but it’s not REALLY a paisley, so I’m not too hung up on that.  So far I’m thinking of a bodice & sleeves, or perhaps stomacher and forepart to a skirt… I’m hoping to get to a good silk shop and find a solid in the same blue which would expand my possibilities.

  • “Fancy Silk”
  • 2.8 meters
  • Regular $36.00/meter, on sale for $15.00/meter
  • 100% silk

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April fabric shopping

In April I went shopping with someone else to a few of the fabric shops I very rarely get to. I had been looking for ornate trim (success!) and for red silk (no luck) and I thought I’d post some photos – even if just to remind myself later what I picked up!

Fabric from Reenas in April

Fabric from Reenas in April

From Reena’s I picked up 5 meters each of some silk – grey, blue shot with pink, turqoise shot with pink, and medium rose, and 2.5 meters of a dark rose – I would have liked much more of that, but it was all that was on the roll. I also picked up some trim in navy/gold, purple/gold and gold/gold, and some sheer white silk.

Purchases from Bhatia's in April

Purchases from Bhatia’s in April

From Bhatia I picked up a blue and gold sari, plus three kinds of trim – one gold, one metallic embroidery with foil on blue, and the last rhinestones on red.

If you were going to make something from what I picked out… what would it be? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Satin Moon Peacock panels

Peacock panels from Satin Moon in Victoria, BC

Peacock panels from Satin Moon in Victoria, BC

A quick “shopping” / stash post to share with you… from the Satin Moon Quilt Shop in Victoria, BC.
I bought two of them with the hopes that they would work well on an Art Nouveau-style of coat or jacket… Right now they’re just in my stash, waiting for me to be inspired and use them…

Do you ever just buy things that are beautiful…without necessarily knowing how you’ll use them?

I’ve tried to stop… but every now and then I’m inspired.

This panel isn’t on the Satin Moon Quilt Shop website right now.. but if you’re in Victoria, I recommend checking them out.

Satin Moon Quilted Garden
825 Fort Street
V8W 1H6 Victoria, B.C. CANADA