Purposefully white hair

The final effect  - white hair!

The final effect – white hair!

It was never my intention for this to become a “beauty blog” so I’ve kept most of my product comments and reviews about great nail polish (I’m loving Gosh right now which I get from Shoppers Drug Mart) or eye shadows (I just picked up some of the cream shadows for cheeks & eyes from Make Up Forever) far between but I thought I would do a bit of a post about ‘going white’… in terms of hair…


Toning samples close-up

Toning samples close-up

This blog is largely about sewing and costuming and crafting – and on the costuming bent, I know that a few people read this blog who cosplay… and I know that a few cosplayers want to dye their hair instead of wearing wigs (especially if you have long, thick hair like mine, which is nearly impossible to stuff under a wig). If you want to go a light blond or pastel colour (or if you just want your bright colour to really pop) one of the things you’ll likely have to do (unless you were born with light blond hair and have retained it through the years – I was, but didn’t) is bleaching out your hair.

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Turku costume museum

The upper level of the castle holds a museum with household goods including the fashions I'll show here from Finland.

The upper level of the castle holds a museum with household goods including the fashions I’ll show here from Finland.

I’m going to take a bit of a break from my Viking costume posts (you can read more by following the Garb from a Thousand Lakes tag) to return to a few posts from my trip to Finland, and some of the things I saw there that might be interesting to the readers of this blog.

In an earlier post I showed you the exterior of Turku Castle.  This time around I’ll share a few photos from inside the castle, from a museum gallery on the upper floor of one of the castle wings.

It took a good amount of walking up many flights of stairs to get here, but the room, as you can see in the photo above, is huge.  (this photo wasn’t even taken from the end of the room either!) It runs from one end of the castle to the other, and has gorgeous arches  which define the walls and ceiling.  Between each of the arches are individual showcases featuring aspects of Finnish household life including kitchen ware, and housewares, but i was most interested in the display that ran the length of the right hand side – all about fashion throughout the ages. There are also table displays in the center of the room running it’s length featuring smaller items like fans, hair combs, plenty of jewellery, and similar things.

This post is very image-heavy, so continue to read behind the jump.

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