Indigo dyeing at Harvest Feast

My finished cotton hankie from the indigo dyeing class at Harvest Feast 2017

My finished cotton hankie from the indigo dyeing class

You might recall that in a previous post I mentioned ‘tie dyeing’ with indigo natural dyes, and that at a class I had another chance to try this out. This class took place at Harvest Feast, an SCA event in September as part of the Shire of Bitter End.

This post will share photos and some information from that class… though some of the insights from our instructor I also shared in the previous indigo-related posts!

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Processing Hemp Fibre

At Avacal September Crown event in early September I took a class on how to process hemp for fibre. The same techniques work for flax (linen) and nettle. The class was taught by Mistress Kataryna Tkach (her SCA name), who in her mundane life works with legal, licenced hemp for scientific study. Luckily, she has access to the “waste” plant material for fibre production and experimentation!

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Medieval Suspended Spinning using Distaffs

Master spinner demonstrates how to dress a medieval-style cone distaff with flax (linen)

Dressing a cone-shaped distaff with flax

While at Avacal September Crown (a SCA event) I took a class on using a distaff for suspended spinning. I didn’t quite get the idea behind suspended spinning (it kind of made my hand hurt pretty quickly) but I did enjoy using the distaff to control the fibre for spinning.

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