RAM Vikings – Art styles

I’ve subsequently taken a really great class on the different Viking Age art styles, through the SCA – but there was also a really neat display at the Danish Viking Exhibit at the Royal Alberta Museum (RAM).  Today’s blog post will have some of the photos from that display.

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Early Christian Viking artifacts

"Wolf head hammer" from the Iceland National Museum

“Wolf head hammer” from the Iceland National Museum

My next post from the Iceland National Museum is another that isn’t quite directly related to costumes, but still pretty neat…

This display was all about the transition from Paganism to Christianity in Icleand. Iceland had a fairly different transition than a lot of other places in the Nordic world, and the display discussed that many Icelanders probably continued their pagan practices although they had also taken the Christian faith. The display elaborated that “occasionally Christian items are found in pagan graves; this may indicate that they were seen simply as ornaments, or that people were ambivalent about their beliefs”. It also said that it took some time for the Christian church to aquire paraphernalia in Iceland, and so there are very few artifacts from the early Christian days in Iceland. Continue reading

Viking brooches – round brooches


An assortment of brooches in the Iceland National Museum.

An assortment of brooches in the Iceland National Museum.

In my previous post I showed off trifoil/tri-lobe brooches, and in today’s post I’ll show off some of the round brooches from the Iceland National Museum.

Round Brooches

The first group of round brooches, shown at the top of this page and below are included in a display: “Most of the earliest jewelry is ornamented similarly to that from Viking Age Scandinavia. The most frequent finds are women’s brooches, which were used to fasten the over-tunics at the shoulders.”
The four round brooches below, (in the middle under the trifoil brooches) are just listed as “in the Nordic style” and the display didn’t include locations or dates for the finds. Continue reading

Viking Tortoise Brooches

Tortoise brooches found beneath the Hekla eruption.

Tortoise brooches found beneath the Hekla eruption.

From the Iceland National Museum

So I took a bit of a detour and showed you some photos from the Vikings exhibit in BC,  (click the tag to read more) but I still have so much to share from Iceland.. so back to Iceland we will go!

The Iceland National Museum had a number of “tortoise” brooches on display from a number of different discoveries. I’ve decided to show them all off on one page, although they all might be from different ages.

Please note, this is a VERY image-heavy post.

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