Slag to block printing ink!

While at my friend’s house having the opportunity to work with Madder and Indigo natural dyes, our hostess also demonstrated a method of using slag from an iron forge to make block printing ink (for use on textiles) with linseed oil.

It made me ponder… how many full-time, active smiths would be needed to produce suitable quantities of ink, for a region’s printing industry…?

You can see more of her experiments, processes, and finished goods on Adventures In Block Printing.

Crafting foam props

It’s entirely possible that I’ll never, ever use this… but I found a series of great videos and I thought I’d share them on here (as well as sort of ‘bookmark’ them for myself…)

This video shows techniques for crafting a helmet from foam; foam floor mats, thick craft foam, and thin craft foam.

This video below goes into even more detail about getting great seams with the thick floor mat foam pieces, even on curved seams.

Helmets, hats, swords, armor… I could see it all coming together this way for a costume.