The Group Art Show

Back in May I attended an art show from The Group, and thought I’d interrupt all of the Viking posts with a quick post about the show!

From their Facebook page:

“The Group Artist Society of Calgary has been active in the Calgary region for over forty years. It is comprised of a small group of talented artists working in many mediums. The Group produces two art shows per year.”

As a funny personal note, my mum and dad used to go to The Group art shows before I was born and when I was an infant – the home I grew up in is filled with artwork from artists from The Group!

There were a few pieces that I really liked, in particular the watercolours by artist Peter Thompson, along with an artist who was working with oil on copper, and one specific oil piece.

Some of the pieces I really liked at The Group art show

Some of the pieces I really liked at The Group art show

Top left: My Tree House by Reina 8×10 oil

Top right: Age of Sail II watercolour by Peter Thompson

Bottom left: Prince of Wales Watercolour (a scene from Waterton National Park) by Peter Thompson

Bottom right: The Aspens by Sandra Kosyk Oil on copper

I took photos just to remind me of the pieces I liked. Fortunately Peter Thompson has a great website, however I wasn’t able to find much for Sandra or Reina (perhaps the tag was written in error?) so if you happen to have websites for the two other artists, please leave their URLs in the comments below!