Making Miniatures – wooden showcase shelf

Miniature bookshelf for my friend's 2020 Christmas gift

Miniature bookshelf for my friend’s 2020 Christmas gift

Last year, you might remember that I made a few little furniture/decorative pieces for my friend who collects and displays fashion dolls. (Like the Asian inspired shelf, or some of the other Making Miniatures posts)

Well, before covid shut everything down, I used the maker studio’s laser cutter for a few other things as well, and for Christmas 2020 I ended up finishing them off and giving them to my friend as well.  (Her Instagram, @CanadianFashionDoll isn’t really being used currently, but maybe she’ll be up and running again?)

One of the pieces I wanted to make was a mid-century style showcase shelf – the kind of shelf not just for books, but to display artwork, vases, or maybe even to hang favourite clothing?

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Making Miniatures – two-shelf side table

Both of the side tables I made for my doll-collecting friend.

Both of the side tables I made for my doll-collecting friend.

My recent posts have been about miniature furniture that I’ve made for my doll-collecting friend. (Don’t worry, this isn’t a secret project! I’m not ruining a surprise by posting here!)

I saw these really cute two-shelf tables on Pinterest (looking at all the miniatures has started to fill up my Pinterest feed with more minis…) from 1 inch minis by Kris, and decided to make some myself. While she does offer a pattern, it wasn’t in a laser-cutter friendly format, so I re-drafted it in Adobe Illustrator, making a shelf, legs, base, and top. Continue reading

Making Miniatures – triangle shelf

Small triangular shelf for my friend's doll display

Small triangular shelf for my friend’s doll display


Over the past few weeks I’ve showed off some little miniature furniture I made for my doll-collecting friend, for her to use in her doll display dioramas. When I was made with the items I’d designed and drafted, I had some wooden pieces left over, and decided to make a few more small things, including this triangle-shaped stand.

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Making Miniatures – wooden Asian-inspired shelf

Wood Asian-inspired miniature doll shelf.

Wood Asian-inspired miniature doll shelf.

The other day I published a post showing an Asian-inspired shelf made of paper. Once I had sorted out how it went together and liked the result, I decided to do it in wood for my friend as a future gift.

(Don’t worry, I’ve been posting the work-in-progress on my Instagram, so it’s not a secret surprise!)  Continue reading