Hot pink PVC hobble skirt


Lightweight hot pink PVC hobble skirt

After making so many different Courtesy Masks, I finally got the time to clean up my sewing space a little, and that really pushed me to finish up some of the “UFO”s (Unfinished Objects) in my sewing room, including this pink PVC hobble skirt.

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Favour spinning


Lightweight hand spun 2 ply wool yarn for a friend’s Arts & Sciences experiment.

A while ago a friend posted in a Facebook group – asking if there were any volunteers for her Arts & Sciences project. She was looking for volunteer spinners to take a small amount of wool, and create yarn. Her plan is to look at how different types of spinning (woolen vs worsted, plied vs unplied) would impact dye take-up.

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Bamboo silk rope


Handmade bamboo-silk rope

I’ve been loving the belts, harnesses, and other accessories from Creations by Magi on Instagram lately. Unfortunately, they’re well out of my price range, so I figured I’d try making one of my own. I can’t find the right kind of cord, so instead I was inspired by my friends at HavenKink, who make gorgeous hand-made ropes.

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Courtesy masks

A huge order of 18 adult-sized fabric courtesy masks and 3 child-sized mask for a good friend of mine

A huge order of 18 adult-sized fabric courtesy masks and 3 child-sized mask for a good friend of mine

Like so many people during the covid-19 crisis, I was laid off in March. Unlike so many – I haven’t been making sourdough bread (yet!) but I have been making courtesy masks. I started off with a number of different possible patterns – trying five different ones out, and finally settling on two patterns that I merged together and altered to give more room between my lips and the fabric.

This was the best design for both my housemate and myself, and I had a good supply of round elastic cord for ear-loops. I also tried ties, but ultimately with long hair… I hated them for me. Others seem to like them which is awesome though, and they’re definitely more adjustable for a variety of faces/heads.

Once I made five for her (two shaped, and three of the pleated style which she also really liked) and five for myself (all shaped) I posted them on Facebook and I had a friend ask if I’d be willing to make some for her as well… and then another… and another… and another…

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Natural dyeing – Wood Ash Lye modifier

testing the pH of my wood ash lye - about a 12

testing the pH of my wood ash lye – about a 12

In all of the natural dyeing I’ve been doing (or hoping to do!) in the last little while, I read a little about using wood ash as a dye modifier. In Rebecca Burgess’ Harvesting Colour: How to find plants and make natural dyes, she notes that wood ash can be used interchangeably with soda ash to create an alkali after bath. In reading about fermentation dyeing, wood ash lye also came up, and further it came up in my experiment with my first woad harvest.

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