Slag to block printing ink!

While at my friend’s house having the opportunity to work with Madder and Indigo natural dyes, our hostess also demonstrated a method of using slag from an iron forge to make block printing ink (for use on textiles) with linseed oil.

It made me ponder… how many full-time, active smiths would be needed to produce suitable quantities of ink, for a region’s printing industry…?

You can see more of her experiments, processes, and finished goods on Adventures In Block Printing.


Dawn’s Corset Class: Where to get supplies

I frequently am asked where to get supplies for corset-making. Some supplies you can likely find locally, where as others you’ll likely need to order online. My list is Calgary and Alberta-specific; if you live in other places and want to buy locally you’ll need to do some additional web-searching.


Close up on the silk and sheer lace overlay on the purple silk corset

Close up on the silk and sheer lace overlay on the purple silk corset

  • Fabricland – for pvc, brocade, cottons, velveteen, etc
  • Quilting shops – for cool cotton prints
  • – for pretty much every kind of fabric
  • – for linens (for historical corsetry)
  • Farthingales online – for coutil and other fabrics
  • Up in Edmonton I also like Marshall’s for Fabrics.

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Spinning hemp

The amount of processed hemp fibre I processed from the stalks. I wanted to spin this into yarn for the experience.

The amount of processed hemp fibre I had to be able to spin.

In mid-September I posted about learning how to process hemp for fibre in a SCA TUA class. This is a similar process to processing flax for linen, and I found it very interesting! Once I had the fibre though, I really wanted to see about spinning it as well. I didn’t have very much fibre from the large bundle of hemp stalks so I didn’t anticipate the opportunity to MAKE anything with the hemp yarn, but I still wanted to give it a whirl (har har) since I had the material.

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Black & red early-period coat – April 2017 HSM

Black wool-blend coat to add to my Viking Age garb kit. This has a red and black twill reverse facing and hand embroidery using pearl cotton.

Black wool-blend coat with red and black trim

While most of my outerwear garments are for my Viking Age costume kit – I realized that this coat could really be for any early period that I might want to do, since the shapes are so similar across different styles.

Once I was finished with my term as Montengarde’s Emerald Rose, I wanted to shift my SCA wardrobe away from so much green, and back to my typical more goth aesthetic. I acquired some black wool-blend twill fabric, some red and black wool-blend twill fabric, and some black and grey wool-blend fabric (with an interesting basket-type of weave) from my former teacher and despite the partially synthetic content, I decided to start there.

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