Making Miniatures – Painting frame

Miniature bookshelf for my friend's 2020 Christmas gift

Painting frame on the miniature bookshelf

Over the past month I’ve shared a bunch of photos of the little miniature furniture and things I made for my friend for Christmas 2020. This is the last post from that series, and it’s going to be a short one!

As I mentioned when I posted about the bookshelf, I designed it, but think that there’s a chance I didn’t cut out all the pieces I needed (or left some behind by accident…) so it wasn’t quite what I had originally designed once I put it all together.

This meant that there was a VERY large space at the top of the bookshelf. I didn’t HATE it… but I also wasn’t 100% sure how my friend would use that much space.

So…. with a few days before Xmas… I decided to add another element to the collection of little things I’d be giving her – a large picture frame to place in this large space.

The frame is constructed of card, with spacers made of leftover mat board at the bottom and sides, backed with more cardstock lined with printed scrapbook paper. Then the whole thing was covered with tissue paper – to separate the joins between the papers. I should have added the plastic sheet to the frame before adding the spacers and back – but… didn’t. LOL

Mini frame work in progress with the tissue covered in dimensional magic

Mini frame work in progress with the tissue covered in dimensional magic

After the tissue, I covered in Dimensional Magic, in a sort of ‘dotted’ pattern which isn’t supposed to look like anything in particular – just texture. Then the whole thing was painted with black acrylic, and then once that dried, I used silver rub n buff over the surface. (I used this on the “treasure chest” I upcycled a little while ago too.)

Then into the top is a sheet of clear plastic – and for the “painting” I cut up a blank note card as a temporary option – I don’t know what kind of setting she’ll put the painting into – and while I could have cut something out of a travel magazine… I opted for this instead.

The scrapbook paper is also the same as the back of the shelf… so the “painting” could be take out too and it would look really neat!

Want to see all of the other things I made for her doll diorama set?  Click the “miniature” tag to see all of my other posts!



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Miniature bookshelf for my friend's 2020 Christmas gift

Miniature bookshelf for my friend’s 2020 Christmas gift

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Making Miniatures – library steps

miniature library (or bed) steps for my friend's holiday gift

miniature library (or bed) steps for my friend’s holiday gift

Last year, you might remember that I made a few little furniture/decorative pieces for my friend who collects and displays fashion dolls. (Like the Asian inspired shelf, or some of the other Making Miniatures posts)

Well, before covid shut everything down, I used the maker studio’s laser cutter & paper cutter for a few other things as well, and for Christmas 2020 I ended up finishing them off and giving them to my friend as well.  (Her Instagram, @CanadianFashionDoll isn’t really being used currently, but maybe she’ll be up and running again?)

Thicketworks Miniature Gothic Bed Steps

I’d been drooling over the amazing projects produced by Thicketworks, and she offered her Miniature Gothic Bed Steps as a free download – so I really wanted to give it a try!

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Making Miniatures – other potted plants

miniature plants for a 2020 holiday gift

miniature plants for a 2020 holiday gift

In an earlier post, I showed off how I made miniature spider plants for my friend for Christmas 2020.  Along with spider plants I also made a few ferns, a monstera plant, and two miniature ivy topiary plants. The process for making the pots was the same (though some I painted differently) so this will just be a quick show-off post.

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