Historical Sew Monthly 2021 challenges

Historical Sew Monthly 2021

Historical Sew Monthly 2021

Well I didn’t really do much for the Historical Sew Monthly 2020, but with the beginning of a new year, and my sewing area sorted out over the summer/fall 2020, I am hoping that I’ll be able to tackle more of the challenges this year.

It might not bode well that I’m not even thinking about this until mid-February though…

This year’s challenges from The Dreamstress:
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Horned hennin V4

V-neck Burgundian gown worn with a white horned hennin

V-neck Burgundian gown worn with a white horned hennin

While constructing the thid version of my horned hennin, (which isn’t complete yet…) I was struck with a different idea, so kind of dropped that project (for the time being) and went back to the drafting table.

I wanted to continue on the path trying to make a collapsable and packable hennin, and decided that for this one I would do an all-white hennin, like some of the inspiration images from the research I did when constructing my second version of a horned hennin in red velvet. Continue reading

Historical Sew Monthly 2020

Historical Sew Monthly 2018 logo. Click to visit the Dreamstress site.Well it’s already October – and only now am I thinking about the Historical Sew Monthly 2020 challenges. I used to LOVE working with the challenges, but in the couple of years… my life just hasn’t cooperated on multiple levels.

In fact… I don’t think  I even did (any? many?) of the 2019 challenges either. Even though I’ve still be sewing and making, I haven’t found the time to blog, research, photograph… the way that I used to.

Still I figured I’d record what I would have LIKED to do for each of these challenges – possibly to do in the future if I can play a little catch-up once my life cooperates with my desire to sew and craft.

I also LOVE that the 2020 theme that spans the entire year is Sustainability!

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Saint Birgitta’s cap

St. Birgitta’s cap - worn well too far back on my head.

St. Birgitta’s cap

This post is incredibly long in the making – I started working on a St. Birgitta’s cap several years ago, when one of the people in the SCA (Coryn of the Wode) taught a class on how to make the cap.

Unfortunately, the cap wasn’t finished in class… so I took it in parts home, and then promptly forgot all about it. Then, for the February edition of the Historical Sew Monthly, the topic is “linen”, and while there are more elaborate linen items on my to-do list, this seemed like an accomplishable project given how few projects I was able to accomplish in 2018.

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2019 Historical Sew Monthly challenges

hand-sewing the folded grey wool exterior to the pink linen interior of the collapsible truncated hennin hat.

collapsible truncated hennin hat.

The challenges for the 2019 Historical Sew Monthly have been announced! I am excited to read about it but… also feel rather unsure about my participation, since in 2018 I didn’t get to many of the challenges at all. I made lots of things in 2018… (like the collapsible and packable truncated hennin to the left)  just not a lot that worked with the challenges at the timeframe of the challenges…

Still, each year I do a post with what I’m thinking of and what I’d like to do… so this year is no different. Perhaps it will help inspire me!  Continue reading