More fabric shopping…

… I just really need to find time to sew!

Lightweight white linen from

Lightweight white linen from

One of the online fabric stores I’ve used before sometimes has good prices on linen. I don’t often shop there if stuff is on regular price, but a while back I saw they had lightweight linen on for about $4/yard – they only had 19 yards, and I bought all 19 yards!

I think that this is the same lightweight linen I have used in the past to line my red and gold Italian gown, the black and gold brocade Italian overdress, lined the skirt to my green Italian petticoat, and made a navy Viking underdress with.  (Probably a few more things too). White linen will be even MORE versatile I bet – since I’ll be able to dye it too if I need a certain colour.

Grandmother’s fabric sale 2017

Close up of the 100% silk herringbone fabric from the Grandmother's 2017 fabric sale.

Close up of the 100% silk herringbone fabric from the Grandmother’s 2017 fabric sale.

It’s been a while, but it took me some time to get around to this – showing off my “haul” from the latest Grandmother’s Fabric Sale in Calgary.

My favourite score was this 100% silk herringbone fabric – enough to definitely make an apron dress… possibly enough to make an underdress or overgarment as well! I’ll need to plan that out to see.

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