Beaded necklaces I made to give away as largesse. I put a note on the back of each package asking people to write a comment on my blog if they receive it - anywhere in the SCA Knowne World.

Beaded necklaces I made to give away as largesse

In the SCA people either make or buy things to donate to the crowns, for the crowns then to give away as gifts or prizes. This is also a way of showing off the skills of artisans from one area to the crowns and populous of another area.

If you’ve arrived at this page, it’s because you received a piece of largesse I made in 2018 or later. (Many of my largesse pieces can be found at the largesse tag). I took a number of pieces when I travelled to another kingdom, and have received a few pieces from other kingdoms myself. I know that sometimes the first giving of a piece will not be it’s last… so if you receive a piece of largesse I’ve made (even if you pass it along elsewhere) please leave a comment below!

I have asked the largesse coordinators not to remove the tags I’ve enclosed with my largesse… a few times I’ve seen (and once received…) my largesse going out with the tags removed – which really makes it tough to hear back from people where it has travelled!

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