I’m naming all the stars

I'm naming all the stars - poured acrylic painting

I’m naming all the stars – poured acrylic painting

A few months ago an acquaintance started a Craft Swap – the basic idea is that every month a theme is selected, and we have a week or so to opt-in to that theme…. once she has all of the committed participants, she pairs people up randomly, and we have a month to make a craft (any medium) on that theme for the other person. We then arrange between ourselves where and when to exchange the craft (with the intention of it being near the end of the month).

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Largess ideas

At the SCA Festival of the Snow Eaters, October 28-30, 2016 there will be a Dirty Half Dozen Largess Challenge – enter seven items, six will be donated to Their Majesties, and everyone who contributes can select one item for themselves. There will also be additional prizes…

I thought I’d compile a list of different possible Largess projects and ideas partially for myself, but also partially for anyone who might be interested in making something to contribute.  I took ideas from various sources online, including the Largess Maker’s Facebook group, Pinterest, and a local participant’s list.

I divided this into 11 categories:

  1. Apothecary
  2. Culinary
  3. Glass work
  4. Leather work
  5. Metal & wire work
  6. Paper work (Scribal and otherwise)
  7. Pottery
  8. Sewing, knitting & related
  9. Weaving & spinning
  10. Wood work
  11. General craft

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Displaying your A&S work

A&S display at Avacal Sergeant Trials - focus on my Finnish Coils Work In Progress

A&S display at Avacal Sergeant Trials – focus on my Finnish Coils Work In Progress

As you might know, I’m hosting a few SCA A&S (Arts & Science competitions) this year, and one of the questions/concerns I’ve heard from people is “how do I display my work?”

I’m in NO way an expert on this… I’m still pretty new to the SCA, and haven’t travelled outside of Avacal to see how things are done elsewhere. Still, I’ve been to, judged, and competed in a few competitions, and have some suggestions and things to think about… so if you’re thinking of competing and this is something you’re thinking about… keep reading!

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Block printing class May 30

Block printing blocks from Etsy

Block printing blocks from Etsy

As the local A&S (Arts & Science) champion for Montengarde (Calgary) I’m hoping to put together a few A&S related TUA classes over the year at A&S practices and taverns (and some non A&S-related classes too). The first was the Naalbinding class I mentioned previously at May Tavern, and the next is a Block Printing class with Viscountess Morrigan on May 30th, 2016.

You do not need to be a SCA member to attend the class, being held at a private residence for A&S practice. There is no cost to attend. (However if you ARE interested in getting into the SCA, this is a nice low-key way of coming out and meeting some other people involved!)

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A&S at June Crown – Things I learned at TUA

Avacal (SCA) June Crown is June 3-5, 2016, and I’m helping with two Arts & Science (A&S) activities. I know that sometimes a wall of text on Facebook can be overwhelming, so I thought I’d also post here where I can format a little better and hopefully make it a bit more readable.

As a note – I don’t yet have the schedule for when these will take place, but you can follow this thread on Facebook to get updates.

Things I learned at TUA

— A&S tourney showcasing skills you learned at TUA classes —

Stamped fabrics made at Coronation 2015 Ithra class

Stamped fabrics made at Coronation 2015 Ithra class

Grand TUA just passed, and while your mind is still full of great ideas, have a chance to show some of them off! For this challenge, we’re hoping that participants will show off projects that were inspired by TUA classes!

The class does NOT have to be from this year’s Grand TUA, it can be from ANY TUA class you have attended during your time in the SCA. Research documentation not required, but please mark your entry with:

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