Bhangra Dancing basics

Belly dancer

Belly dancer at the Brooks Ren Faire… it’s the only dancing photo I have!

As part of Montengarde’s Emerald Rose (Arts & Sciences Champion) , I’m trying to organize a TUA classes in Montengarde (Calgary). The next one is Basic Bhangra Dancing with Jaspaul.

It will take place August 8, 2016, at the park near my house, weather permitting.  Dancing will start shortly after 7:00 p.m., and will be followed by regular A&S practice (or  just gossip and lemonade) at my place afterwards.

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For future Montengarde Emerald Roses

The non-competing displays at Silver Arrow

The non-competing displays at Silver Arrow

Did someone send you this link? Then consider this their (and my!) encouragement that you consider vying for Emerald Rose of Montengarde! (Specifically for 2017)


Because you’re awesome! Because you are doing amazing, wonderful things in the Arts & Sciences, and they think that you should let everyone else know, show off a bit, put yourself to the challenge, and have the opportunity to meet other people passionate about the Arts & Sciences who can help you along your way!

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Montengarde Arts & Sciences championship competition 2017

The short version:

Silver necklace

Silver necklace

Present one historically-informed piece, and one historically-inspired piece in a roundtable format with other competitors at 12th Night in Montengarde (Jan 21, 2017). Documentation limited to a single page. Declaration must be made by December 31, 2016. Single and non-competitive entries also welcome.

The detailed version:

Entrants looking to vie for the championship must present:

  • 1 historically-informed piece
  • 1 historically-inspired piece

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Red and black bin cover

Bin cover for camping events

Bin cover for camping events

Before I went camping with the SCA this season I wanted something to cover my big plastic bins to make them a little less ugly (especially since I’d be camping with someone who has a period tent and all of that…). I bought this red and black fabric at the last Grandmother’s Fabric sale – I liked it, but wasn’t sure what to do with it.. plus there wasn’t a LOT of it.

So – they became bin covers! I traced the lid, and then cut a panel of straight fabric (using the selvage as the hem) and sewed it to it, leaving a gap… and then filling that gap with a smaller panel – this means I can kind of reach through the “curtain” to tuck small things under the skirt without upseting the rest of it…because the bins are angled – not straight.

Super simple… and the caterpillers at the first camping event seemed to like them! ew!

Skin crawling…. These things are on EVERY surface. So creeped out 😦

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