So you want to enter… follow up

The non-competing displays at Silver Arrow

The non-competing displays at Silver Arrow

On August 29 I hosted “So you want to enter an A&S competition” class for artisans in Montengarde (Calgary) and we had 12 people in total attend and participate. I tried to keep some very loose notes for anyone who couldn’t attend – though these will likely require some conversation to elaborate on some of the points.

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A&S challenge at 12th Night

Design a medallion!

Rose appliqué on the bag I made

Rose appliqué on the bag I made

Have you noticed – the only Montengarde champion who doesn’t have a pretty medallion is our A&S Champion?

Would you like to design a medallion for future champions to wear – and for others to admire?

This challenge is open to all artisans, working in any suitable medium. Prepare a design in any format that suits your needs (sketch, schematic, CAD, etc) that will represent the kind of medallion you would be able to make for future A&S champions. You may also include photographs of previous work, mock-ups, samples, etc – anything you need to get your idea across. You will have a small display space; a large presentation is not required. No documentation is needed beyond the required entry elements. You will not need to personally present your ideas to the judges – though they may ask you personally for more information.


  • Medium must be durable – enough to be worn by multiple champions over the years with due care and appreciation of your work.
  • Design can reflect the title of our A&S champion. This is currently “Emerald Rose” but will likely be changing to “Emerald Flower” or “Emerald Blossom” shortly. It does not have to reflect the title, but this might guide your design.
  • Your entry must include:
    • Your society name, and contact information
    • A time frame of when you could complete the medallion if your design is the winner
    • A cost for creating the medallion
    • Description of your design including size, materials proposed, etc.


Appliqued flower on a green wool apron panel

Appliqued flower on a green wool apron panel

In a fun reversal… the competitors vying to BE the next A&S champion will be judging the medallion design they love the best. With this in mind, it might be a good idea to chat with past and future champions for ideas regarding materials, colour, size, weight, etc…

Judges will be asked to excuse themselves from judging if there is a significant conflict.  (Spouse, Laurel/Apprentice, etc)

In the chance that all entrants need to excuse themselves, I reserve the right to select a judge from event guests.


  • All SCA members and non-members may enter
  • Participants can be from anywhere in Avacal; not just Montengarde
  • Youth are welcome to enter WITH their parent/guardian who should supervise the process, and should be prepared to supervise youth should their design be selected in the completion of the medallion to meet timeline and budget.
  • Group submissions are welcome AND encouraged! Share your skills with one another!
  • Entrants vying to be Montengarde’s A&S Champion are eligible to enter to design the medallion, but must excuse themselves from judging.
  • Distance entries are welcome – please send your proposal with a trusted friend who might be able to answer questions if needed, if you are unable to attend the event.


This competition will take place at Twelfth Night in Montengarde.

Town & Country Centre
#103 275 Jensen Dr NE,
Airdrie, Alberta
January 22, 2017

Schedule is currently unknown. It is my intention to set up a display space first thing in the morning to show off your work throughout the day, have judges select the winner, and allow you to pick up your display before feast begins. Please check the schedule at: for more information closer to the event date.

Documentation 101 TUA class

A&S display at Avacal Sergeant Trials

A&S display at Avacal Sergeant Trials

In order to encourage participants to enter the competition to become Montengarde’s next Emerald Rose, I’m helping to organize a class in September for those who have questions or need support (or want to offer support!) when it comes to documentation for their SCA A&S projects

“Documentation 101”

This takes place Monday, September 12 at 7:00- 9:00 p.m., and will take place at my house.

This class includes the basic components usually in documentation, types of resources and how to site resources.

Individuals interested in competing in Bardic or A&S championships in months to come, or interested in competing or judging challenges and tournaments may wish to attend to learn the basics of documenting their research and projects to share with others, as well as how to review documentation fairly and supportively.

Class attendees are invited to bring hand-work, etc to work on during the class and discussion.

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Henin in the style of the Woodville portrait

For Caterina’s elevation, I’m helping a friend of hers to make a new outfit. This is based off the dress of Elizabeth Woodville, and the outfit includes a hat (which coordinates with the collar and cuffs from the dress, but is not the same fabric according to the portrait…)

Direct link from

From the portrait, the hat appears to be a henin with a butterfly veil. I don’t know if the recipient would do the veil, so I’m focusing just on the henin. It seems to have a very shaped band at the face, and only a VERY slight taper to the crown, so that’s what I’m going to try to make.

Using the portrait as reference to develop the henin pattern

Using the portrait as reference to develop the henin pattern

I used the portrait when drafting the pattern for the henin. The hat sits further back on the head, so I measured her head at the hairline rather than the crown, made a band to that measurement, and then at centre-front added the front dip. I’ll be wiring this, and hopefully can slightly curve it to her head, which should help keep the hat on. I made it fairly narrow, but perhaps slightly thicker than the portrait (?) so that I can fit a tiny comb or loops for bobby pins in there to help keep it on her head.

Next I sketched in the curve upwards, and then slashed ever 2″ over the centre front and towards the back, and overlapped the pieces by 1/8 of an inch for a VERY small taper.

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Leggings & shorts

One of the bars I go to occasionally has dance nights, and one of the themes I’ve seen come up a few times have been 80s nights… Well, I don’t really have a lot of 80s-style clothing, so I wanted to use some of the snakeskin knit that my former teacher gave me to make some leggings.

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