Dawn’s Corset Class

I’ve taught a few corsetry classes in the past, and have also added some of the content to my class here on my blog for those unable to attend classes in person. If you would like to read more, click the Corset Class tag – or read them in-order through the links below!

In-person classes I offer

Class one: Intro to Corsetry

Full shot of the corset from The Duchess along with the shift below.

Corset from The Dutchess

This is mainly intended for people who are new to corsetry. If you are an experienced corset-wearer, this class won’t give you a lot of value. This is a class about buying, repairing, and wearing corsets, along with a starting introduction for those interested in making corsets. This class forms the prerequisite for my corset construction classes.

This class is open to all gender orientations and body shapes.


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Class time, size and location

  • This is a 1.5-2 hour class.
  • This class will work for anywhere from 8-20 people. Since this is a prerequisite for other classes, I won’t teach this for fewer than 8 people.
  • This class can be taught in virtually any kind of space. I’ve taught this in a living room, in a classroom, and in a community hall.  No electrical outlets are needed. A change space can be useful.

Class two: Pattern drafting

Grommets for lacing on a couture, custom-made corset.

Grommets for lacing

In this class you’ll take your own measurements and draft a pattern for a custom underbust corset. If you want to make a corset for someone else, they will need to attend the class to have measurements taken. Depending on the venue you can either do this pattern full-scale (if each participant has table space) or half scale, and then the pattern can be scaled up at home.

Prerequisite: Intro to corsetry

You’ll need:

  • Pencil, sharpener, eraser
  • Magic tape (clear tape you can write on)
  • Paper, calculator (large paper like that used for presentations is ideal if doing this full-scale)
  • Rulers – straight and curved (aka French Curve) A clear, gridded ruler will make a huge difference here. You can find these in quilting shops.
  • Flexible dressmaker tape measure
  • Ribbon or cord long enough to go around your waist

The person being measured should wear a fitted garment (bodysuit, tank top, etc) and a good-fitting bra (if relevant). Don’t wear anything that compresses (like a sports bra).

At home you’ll also need:

  • Large sheets of tracing paper
  • Scissors

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Class time, size, and location

  • This is a 3+ hour class.
  • This class will work for anywhere from 5-12 people.
    • If most of the class are ‘quick studies’, and the class size is small, this class can be 3 hours. However with the larger class size or if people struggle with the concepts, more time should be allotted.
  • For this class, each student will need at least a desk (to work half-scale). Ideally, each student will need a table or be comfortable working on a smooth, clean floor (to work full-scale). I’ve found that without table space for everyone, participants needing to work on the floor get frustrated. No electrical outlets are needed. A change space is vital, and mirrors are handy.

Class three: Making your first corset

Exposed PVC bone casings on a ghost-print cotton couture, custom-made corset

Exposed PVC bone casings

For this class you’ll start the process of making your first corset. You likely will not be able to complete the corset in the class, but should have all of the skills to complete your corset at home.

This class will not include fitting – your first corset may not be perfect based on how precise your pattern drafting was. Further tweaking to your pattern may be necessary. As such, I recommend using affordable fabric.

Prerequisite: Intro to corsetry, basic sewing skills

If you missed the pattern drafting class you can still attend this class, but may not get personal attention for the pattern you’re using, as my focus will be on those using the pattern developed in the pattern drafting class.

What you’ll get out of this class:

What you’ll need to bring:

  • A sewing machine capable of a basic straight stitch
  • Basic sewing notions (scissors, thread, pins, needles, bobbins, etc)
  • Your pattern, cut out and marked
  • Your pre-washed fabrics (fused interlining, fashion fabric, lining) See your Corset-making shopping list.
    • If you cut out your pattern pieces before attending, this will speed up the class, however if you are unsure – don’t worry.. we’ll cover this in class too.
  • Notions like your twill tape, bias tape, grosgrain ribbon, etc.
  • Grommets and a setter (you can also do this step at home)
  • Boning in the style of your choice
  • The busk or front-opening of your choice
  • Magic tape and pen

What you’ll need at home:

  • Awl or fabric hole punch
  • Marking tool
  • Hammer
  • Iron, ironing board, pressing ham
  • Corset lacing
  • Lighter and a candle (optional) for boning and lacing

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Class time, size, and location

  • This is an all-day class.
  • This class will work for anywhere from 5-12 people.
  • For this class, each student will need table space with electrical access. In a pinch, we can also use some shared table space (for cutting) and each participant can sew at a desk with electrical access. This does slow down the process however, and should be reserved for groups of people who know one another well and work well together. Change space and mirrors are vital.


I currently don’t have the time or ‘spoons’ to do the work to find locations, advertise, take payment, etc to host this class myself. I’m willing to work with groups to teach.

Class One: Introduction to Corsetry

Close up on the silk and sheer lace overlay on the purple silk corset

Close up on the silk and sheer lace overlay on the purple silk corset

I will conduct Class One: Introduction to Corsetry for any nonProfit group in Calgary free of charge, as long as costs are covered (admission to event, etc).

For nonProfit groups outside of Calgary, I’ll conduct this class for free if my transportation and accommodation costs are covered. (I’m pretty flexible here… contact me and we can discuss.)

For groups of friends, for-profit groups, etc, please contact me to discuss costs.

Classes Two and Three

For nonProfit groups in Calgary and outside of Calgary that I’m associated with, I’ll teach these classes free-of-charge provided that my costs (admission, transportation, accommodation) are covered.

For groups of friends, for-profit groups, and individuals, I will charge for my time and experience. please contact me to discuss details.

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